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10-28-20 12:55 AM

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Posted on 12-20-18 12:05 PM Link | #96828
so, this is what the timer was for

you might have already known this, but

your overlord is transgender

and has been taking hormones since exactly one year today

questions? fire away

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Posted on 12-20-18 03:05 PM Link | #96833

Is this really all it was for? The Christmas board theme?

At least you didn't put it up like, the day after thanksgiving or something. :P

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Posted on 12-20-18 03:06 PM Link | #96834
are you going to war against transphobes yet

pills or patches? if the former, how many?
how's growth of chest/thigh areas going for a year's worth of Estrogen?

Posted on 12-20-18 05:35 PM Link | #96836

I mean, I'm gonna fight in that war if it's declared, even if I'm not trans. You got my support sir overlord.

Do you plan on fully transitioning? If so, when do you think you'll be able to do it?

Just a fucktard

Posted on 12-21-18 01:18 AM Link | #96840
Did you have to set anything to Wumbo?

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Hope to see you there!

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Posted on 12-21-18 12:53 PM Link | #96846
So, this reveal was so we could ask questions about you being transgender?


Main - Trash - teh reveal Thread closed

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