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07-02-20 06:25 AM

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Main - NSMB2 hacking - Some questions I have New reply

Posted on 07-09-18 03:30 PM Link | #94975
I'm curious if it is possible to create custom world maps. For what I'm trying to create, having the current world map won't work at all. I know this was done for Newer Super Mario Bros Wii using a custom world map loading routine.

Another question I have is relating to ASM. I know that Magikoopa exists, yet I can't figure out how to get the actual program (because I'm kind of an idiot). I'm also clueless as to how I can actually find in-game routines, since I need to modify the routine containing which power-up Mario has, and modify the life counter when the player gets hit. Are all of the routines documented somewhere?

Main - NSMB2 hacking - Some questions I have New reply

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