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07-17-18 11:33 AM

0 users reading possible feature idea: customizable sidebar | 1 bot

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Posted on 03-04-18 04:41 PM Link | #93483
so you have those 'personal' profile fields that show up on your profile page

some of them also show up in your post sidebar, namely Location

but right now this is hardcoded

I thought we might have a system for selecting which fields you want listed in your sidebar

what do you comrades think about this?

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Posted on 03-04-18 04:43 PM Link | #93484
would be cool, could show my awesome gender and stuff like that

course it would have to be limited because we don't want it stretching out the post, imo

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Posted on 03-05-18 10:03 AM Link | #93501
Sure, why not.

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Posted on 03-06-18 01:02 AM Link | #93511
that would be really cool, i support this idea.

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Posted on 03-06-18 07:17 AM Link | #93514
I support also.

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Posted on 03-09-18 11:41 AM (rev. 3 of 03-09-18 11:42 AM) Link | #93576
I also support this idea. Would it be editable in <.div> tags or with CSS?

EDIT: Ignore the . in the div tag it's just that it disappears when you try to type it normally.

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Posted on 03-26-18 10:31 PM Link | #93796
I just wanna customize the CSS of my sidebar as I've done with RVLution.

Baby Luigi
Posted on 03-28-18 03:20 PM Link | #93828
I want a custom sidebar too. I'm not sure if I still have the coding for it though.

Main - General Chat - possible feature idea: customizable sidebar New reply

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