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10-19-18 10:08 AM

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Posted on 11-01-17 02:56 PM Link | #90924

This table lists all classes inheriting from fBase (aka ExtremeNintendoFSMClassOfDoom). Allows you to navigate code way faster if you want to find something. Still incomplete as all classes inherting from CourseObjWithState are still missing.

Also please excuse the messy table exported from LibreOffice.

Name Ctor Vtable Class ID Alloc Size Comments
fBase 0x001C7060 0x0059E4DC - -

BsEventMgr 0x002AED4C 0x005AFC68 0x1B8 0x13C

BsSequenceMgr 0x002BD44C 0x005B05AC 0x1B9 0x80

ScCourseSelect 0x002D95D8 0x005B0E48 0x012 0x17C

BsLarryObjPolEffect 0x0033A58C 0x005BAB30 0x08A 0x78

BsArea 0x003CF384 0x005C5F7C 0x014 0x58

dBase 0x0047F00C 0x0059A87C - -

MapObjBase 0x002D97EC 0x005B0E90 - -

MapObj 0x002AE8A0 0x005AFC18 - -

MapObjCloud 0x002AFF0C 0x005AFDC0 0x1C9 0xF4

MapObjDokan 0x002B06EC 0x005AFE28 0x1C7 0xEC

MapObjGhost 0x002B0F34 0x005AFEB4 0x1C3 0xE4

MapObjTower 0x002B1A94 0x005AFF34 0x1C2 0xEC

MapObjWorld 0x002B3E24 0x005AFFCC 0x1BB 0x2DC

BossDemoBase 0x002B8818 0x005B0044 - -

BossDemoRoy 0x002AF2A8 0x005AFCB0 0X1D0 0x1C0

BossDemoIggy 0x002B8DC4 0x005B0104 0x1CA 0x1C0

BossDemoLarry 0x002BC8EC 0x005B036C 0x1CC 0x1C0

BossDemoLemmy 0x002BCD88 0x005B042C 0X1CD 0x1C0

BossDemoRoy 0x002BD224 0x005B04EC 0x1D1 0x1C0

BossDemoLudwig 0x002BDA2C 0x005B05F4 0x1CE 0x1C0

BossDemoMorton 0x002BDEC8 0x005B06B4 0x1CF 0x1C0

MapObjCannon 0x002B9160 0x005B01D4 0x1C5 0xE0

MapObjCastle 0x002B9C70 0x005B0224 0x1C1 0xEC

MapObjKanban 0x002BAF40 0x005B02BC 0x1C6 0xFC

MapObjBlockPata 0x002C0970 0x005B07B8 0x1D3 0x184

MapObjSurrender 0x002C1160 0x005B0838 0x1C8 0xEC

MapObjStartPoint 0x002C1A78 0x005B08F4 0x1BD 0xEC

MapObjCoursePoint 0x002C2498 0x005B095C 0x1BC 0x150

MapObjKinokoHouse 0x002C2E00 0x005B09E8 0x1C4 0xEC

MapObjKoopaCastle 0x002C4154 0x005B0A50 0x1BF 0x1DC

MapObjPeachCastle 0x002C46E8 0x005B0ADC 0x1C0 0xE0

BossDemoKoopaClown 0x002C7BB4 0x005B0B48 0x1CB 0x174

MapObjPointRainbow 0x002CEEC0 0x005B0CCC 0x1BE 0x150

CourseSelectPlayerBase 0x002D13EC 0x005B0D88 - -

CourseSelectPlayer 0x002CE574 0x005B0BC8 0x1D2 0x1DC

MapObjBoard 0x002AF544 0x005AFD70 0x1BA 0x9C

CourseObj 0x004318D8 0x005CD980 - -

CannonWarp 0x001CE620 0x0059F098 0x090 0x740

EnvStarTag 0x001D2760 0x0059FF54 0x1AE 0x1C8

KanbanWarp 0x001DDE2C 0x005A110C 0x17F 0x1D8

PlayerObjectBase 0x001FF4DC 0x005A2914 - -

PlayerObject 0x0027C768 0x005AAE48 0x0EE 0x4A78

ScrollView 0x00204748 0x005A3060 0x1A6 0x1C8

CenterSwing 0x00222134 0x005A4E28 0x020 0x1E4

DorifuAnime 0x00225A9C 0x005A5758 0x1AB 0x1C8

EnvSporeTag 0x00225D48 0x005A5868 0x1AF 0x1C8

KanbanArrow 0x00229690 0x005A6090 0x17E 0xFC8

NoStockItem 0x0023EAE4 0x005A7408 0x1AC 0x1C8

PeachEnding 0x00241120 0x005A7B64 0x199 0x1DC

MaxUeLeft 0x00260BF4 0x005AA640 0x1A0 0x1C8 All camera limits are the same actor.

MaxUeRight 0x00260BF4 0x005AA640 0x1A1 0x1C8 All camera limits are the same actor.

LrStopUp 0x00260BF4 0x005AA640 0x1A2 0x1C8 All camera limits are the same actor.

LrStopDw 0x00260BF4 0x005AA640 0x1A3 0x1C8 All camera limits are the same actor.

NukiAtariKun 0x002613BC 0x005AA90C 0x1A8 0x1C8

PlayerBigRes 0x00262020 0x005AAD58 0x1A9 0x1C8

YukaBaneHide 0x0028702C 0x005AC098 0x074 0x1CC

AutoScrollTag 0x0028D3A4 0x005AC974 0x1A5 0x1C8

NoItemBallon 0x0029F63C 0x005AE700 0x1AD 0x1C8

YukaBaneChild 0x002AE7A8 0x005AFB38 0x073 0x388

CourseObjWithState 0x002E27A4 0x005B16C0 - -

StateCourseObj 0x001C79C8 0x0059E530 - - TODO

MultiStateCourseObj 0x00305328 0x005B47D0 - - TODO

CenterRotation 0x002E59A0 0x005B1814 0x01E 0x224

WakiTogeTekkyu 0x003008D8 0x005B3C78 0x178 0x1E0 Both spiked ball spawners are the same actor.

WakiTogeTekkyuSync 0x003008D8 0x005B3C78 0x179 0x1E0 Both spiked ball spawners are the same actor.

ActorItemStockEffect 0x00343B94 0x005BC42C 0x194 0x2AC

BgCenter 0x00401580 0x005CA078 0x1A4 0x1D4

LiftWaki 0x004208F0 0x005CC3FC 0x034 0x224

CannonPipeBase 0x004222C4 0x005CC628 - -

CannonPipe 0x001CD634 0x0059EFB4 0x08F 0xAE8

LudwigCannonPipe 0x00320BA0 0x005B7D98 0x091 0x1498

YukaBane 0x004308D8 0x005CD8A0 0x072 0x1CC

UniraKaiten 0x0043214C 0x005CDC40 0x144 0x1C8

LarryYuka 0x00448F44 0x005CFD44 0x075 0x380

RailLimit 0x0044EA28 0x005D0394 0x1A7 0x1C8

WakiDokan 0x00455384 0x005D0B38 0x189 0x1EC

TarzanChainMgr 0x00559498 0x005B35C0 0x06B 0x1DC Doesn’t have a ctor. Inlined into build function.

Scene 0x00484378 0x0059AB98 - -

ScBoot 0x00557388 0x0059AB4C 0x001 0x14 Doesn’t have a ctor. Inlined into build function.

Scene2 0x0045171C 0x005D0634 - -

ScCourseIn 0x00202744 0x005A2E98 0x011 0xDC

ScGameOver 0x00203318 0x005A2F58 0x013 0x58

ScMatching 0x00204274 0x005A300C 0x00A 0x54

ScTitleMenu 0x0024AF28 0x005A85F8 0x005 0xEC

ScPackSelect 0x00283480 0x005ABBFC 0x00D 0xBC0

ScOpeningDemo 0x002A700C 0x005AF350 0x006 0x3C

ScCoinRushMenu 0x002F7304 0x005B33E4 0x007 0x2D4

ScCourseSelect 0x002F84F8 0x005B3438 0x012 0x104

ScExceedCoinNum 0x00317AFC 0x005B6A4C 0x00F 0x50C

ScCoinRushResult 0x003279E8 0x005B8110 0x009 0x118

ScCongratulation 0x0032868C 0x005B8164 0x00E 0x4C

ScCoinRushMiiSelect 0x0033FA58 0x005BBA3C 0x008 0x114

ScShop 0x003DFF50 0x005C7D64 0x00C 0xA38

ScCourse 0x0042BDDC 0x005CD270 0x010 0x18C

ScPiaErr 0x0042C1BC 0x005CD2C4 0x00B 0x44

ScStartUp 0x004514A0 0x005D04E4 0x004 0x248

BsCamera 0x00484B6C 0x0059ABF8 0x003 0x770

BsFogMgr 0x00484EAC 0x0059AC40 0x002 0x3C

BsRoot 0x00557348 0x0059A8C4 0x000 0x14 Doesn’t have a ctor. Inlined into build function.

BsEventAssistant 0x0055904C 0x005B08AC 0x1D4 0x20 Doesn’t have a ctor. Inlined into build function.

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Main - NSMB2 hacking - NSMB2 Class Hierachy Table New reply

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