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03-23-18 10:07 PM

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Posted on 10-26-17 03:09 PM Link | #90812
Do you guys believe in alternative universes? I personally do.

In my imagination of an alternate universe, right from the very start of recorded history, the events of the timeline for humankind is the opposite of ours, whatever that is.

How do you imagine an alternate universe? Feel free to share below!

Posted on 10-26-17 06:33 PM Link | #90827
Every possible reality that can exist does, in some other dimensional realm.

Posted on 10-26-17 08:14 PM Link | #90831
I went to a physics conference last weekend, one of the presenters was talking about the quantum mechanical effects of gravitational waves and that with the help of them and black holes, the multiverse theory could be proved in the near future. Pretty cool to think about.

Posted on 10-28-17 06:20 AM Link | #90859
If you all like alternate universes, you'll love this.


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Posted on 10-28-17 10:50 AM Link | #90860
Yes but could you please shorten your link?

Posted on 10-28-17 01:48 PM Link | #90864

How about an even longer URL?


As for the topic, I haven't really thought about it. I guess it's possible.

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Posted on 10-28-17 01:50 PM Link | #90865
But first we need to talk about parallel universes.

Posted on 11-22-17 12:55 PM Link | #91301
What's a perpendicular universe?

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Posted on 03-06-18 06:04 PM Link | #93529

Theoretically it's a separate reality where a different set of events and/or people timeline take place outside of our own. Short way of answering because it seems very complicated.

Posted on 03-06-18 06:41 PM Link | #93532
Isn't that just a parallel universe tho

perpendicular universe sounds like a universe that intersects with ours at some point

Posted on 03-06-18 06:48 PM Link | #93533
From my knowledge, I believe that's what a dimension is. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

Posted on 03-06-18 07:15 PM Link | #93534

Did I just post in this thread just to show my alternate avatar? Yes.

<- As you can see there has to exists at least one paralel universe.

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Posted on 03-06-18 07:44 PM Link | #93535
reminds me of the :eyes: [image] emoji

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Posted on 03-06-18 08:12 PM Link | #93536

Actually it is a graffiti seen in multiple places in Life is Strange.

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Posted on 03-06-18 11:40 PM Link | #93537
Posted by RicBent
Did I just post in this thread just to show my alternate avatar? Yes.

<- As you can see there has to exists at least one paralel universe.

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Posted on 03-07-18 02:49 AM Link | #93538
Posted by Swingball
From my knowledge, I believe that's what a dimension is. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

From my knowledge, I believe 'perpendicular universe' was just a joke

and we missed it

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