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12-12-18 08:55 AM

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Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Anyone have a cheat code for smg2 New reply

Posted on 10-19-17 06:02 AM Link | #90654
Does anyone have a cheat code to unlock all levels in mario galaxy 2 bacause i want to test my level but don't want to play for an extra hour

Posted on 10-19-17 08:06 AM Link | #90656
Just play until Flip-Swap. It takes 10 min.

I do believe there is a code, but I have never used cheat codes before, so I cant help. :/

I love SMG2 and Odyssey so I am merging them. :)

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Posted on 10-19-17 10:15 AM Link | #90659
Use a complete savegame.

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Posted on 10-20-17 01:46 AM Link | #90679
Just use gecko codes for GeckoOS.

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Posted on 10-21-17 06:46 AM Link | #90713

Or this if you're in a PAL region.

Posted on 10-21-17 05:59 PM Link | #90734
thank you everyone!!!!

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Anyone have a cheat code for smg2 New reply

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