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01-20-19 05:09 AM

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Turbo fiesta
Posted on 10-16-17 10:44 AM Link | #90527
Hey guys.
I have been working on my first custom smg 2 level (its long from finished) but every time i test it it crashes on the star screen (where you pick the star you wanna play)

If everyone wanna help plz do it

link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2ueahihfhfh05c5/First%20Level.zip

Posted on 10-16-17 10:49 AM (rev. 2 of 10-16-17 10:49 AM) Link | #90528
Wrong forum bub, you should prolly post this in misc rom hacking
But, I'll take a look on this for you later today

Skek is a Fortnite god

Posted on 10-16-17 11:10 AM Link | #90529
Firstly, your RestartObj has no Mario ID assigned to it, so it will crash the game instantly if you trigger it, die, and then respawn.

And finally, your crash reason. Your launch stars have no assigned path to them.


Posted on 10-16-17 12:12 PM Link | #90532
Do you know how to assign paths? Add a path with at least 2 points, then assign the path's ID.

Make sure the launch star's path ID is the same as your path. The first point (point 0) goes where your launch star is, and the last point (it depends on how many points you have) goes in the destination. Done. :)

I love SMG2 and Odyssey so I am merging them. :)

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Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Custom smg2 level crashing New reply

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