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09-20-18 06:16 PM

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Posted on 09-30-17 08:46 PM Link | #89755
Ever gotten your thunder stolen? Share your story here.

I got the world record for Sonic Mania's Press Garden Act 1 (playing as Knuckles) but within 2 months, someone took my place (10 seconds faster than me). Shortly after (within a day, I suppose), a bug I used to acquire that record was patched. GG SEGA/Christan Whitehead.

The Cypher Corporation called. They want their swag back... Along with their wigs.
Potatoes called. They want your computer back.

I'm on Discord a lot. (Cypher123#0589)

I stopped hacking SM64 because I'm lazy :D

Discord Server 1 - Discord Server 2 - Soundcloud - YouTube

Baby Luigi
Posted on 10-01-17 02:39 PM Link | #89779
I'm not sure. If it happened, I don't think it was notable enough to have an impact on me.

Main - General Chat - Your stolen thunder New reply

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