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06-18-18 07:28 AM

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Posted on 09-20-17 11:04 PM Link | #89353
You can also use AncestryDNA too, just so you know.

Posted on 09-20-17 11:34 PM Link | #89354
That reminds me that I should probably try to learn Sorbian which my ancestors spoke.

As for what languages I speak, English e um pouco de português.

Posted on 09-21-17 12:26 AM Link | #89356
Just started 🇳🇴.

Posted on 09-21-17 12:52 AM Link | #89360
You speak Smash Brosian!!? :O

Posted on 09-21-17 08:19 AM Link | #89365
Norwegian. :P

Posted on 09-21-17 08:22 AM Link | #89366

C, C++, C#, Java, ARM assembly.

And boring stuff like English, German and a bit Spanish.

GitHub - YouTube - NSMBHD

Posted on 09-21-17 08:24 AM Link | #89367
Wanna learn SQL for programming.

Posted on 09-21-17 09:24 AM Link | #89368
Posted by Swingball
Ik wil ga naar Amsterdam.

(I wanna go to Amsterdam.)

Ik wil naar Amsterdam gaan ;)

Dat brengt ons dus terug op Nederlands. English too, of course, else I would've been using an English sock puppet to post for me. J'essaie de maintenir ma maîtrise de français. In der Schule habe ich vier Jahre Deutsch gehabt. Sé hablar un poco español.

I have a passive understanding of Latin.


Posted on 09-21-17 04:12 PM Link | #89377
I tried ancestry.com but since Kazakhstan doesn't have good background roots it's really hard to track done my birth parents
jeez, I don't know what to put here now.

Posted on 09-21-17 05:33 PM Link | #89383
One part of my family is from Alsace-Lorraine region of France (so German is mixed in there) and the other is Chinese turned-Taiwanese to avoid Communism.

I have a family tree somewhere and Bartholdi, one of the guys behind the Statue of Liberty, apparently is one of them.

Baby Luigi
Posted on 09-21-17 06:19 PM Link | #89386
Eh, we have ancestry from pretty much every type of ethnicity on the planet to some extent, thanks to the human's tendency to mix and intermingle with other races on a constant basis.

Posted on 09-21-17 06:24 PM Link | #89387
speaking of intermingling I was discussing with some of my friends the closest evolution we would get to would just be everyone the same color, hair, etc. But this would take millions of years, I think.
jeez, I don't know what to put here now.

Baby Luigi
Posted on 09-21-17 06:26 PM (rev. 2 of 09-21-17 06:26 PM) Link | #89388
You should tell your friends that the ability to drink milk was actually a byproduct of evolution.


Posted on 09-21-17 06:28 PM Link | #89389
Je suis Français comme c'est ma langue primaire. Secondly, it's English but I take it much of an approach to be my main language (I'd wish it's happening but I'm bad :P)

Took a liking in German, Japanese, Spanish and other small foreign words because multilingual communites are funny to listen and understand even if you don't get major contexts. Also since I'm a Carribean man, I barely speak my family's language as much as I do in French.

Posted on 09-21-17 06:30 PM Link | #89390
eh, we disagreed about it and we all agreed to just say let's live our lives fully and do shit.
jeez, I don't know what to put here now.

Posted on 09-22-17 01:47 PM Link | #89412

Irony is the spice of life.

You're inside a simulation, of a simulation, inside a simulation, of a simulation, inside the Matrix, inside a taco, inside a taco, within a Taco Bell, that's inside a KFC, within a mall, that's INSIDE YOUR BRAIN!; inside another giant simulation!

Posted on 09-23-17 01:22 AM Link | #89443
English, and will be taking a Japanese class soon, so hopefully that will be added to my short list in the near future.

[image] did you just say that skek is gonna finish his pokemon kuribo hack? [image] [image]

Posted on 09-23-17 04:56 AM Link | #89446
English for me too
And some Batch too if that counts


Sorry for the maintenance -- we'll be back soon!

Posted on 09-23-17 05:57 AM Link | #89447

pt-BR-N "Este usuário tem como língua materna o dialeto brasileiro da língua portuguesa."
en-4 "This user has near native speaker knowledge of English."
es-1 "Este usuario tiene un conocimiento básico del español."
ja-0 "この利用者は日本語が分かりません。"

About my English skills, I'm wondering if I should change it to en-3 or keep it at en-4. I certainly do still make small errors here and there after all.

I know some very basic words from Japanese, but I would never be able to understand anyone speaking it in the slightest.
"I forgot what I was going to say."

Posted on 09-23-17 10:52 AM Link | #89453
Posted by MC708
And some Batch too if that counts

Oh, if we're including programming languages, then yea, I can do Batch too.

[image] did you just say that skek is gonna finish his pokemon kuribo hack? [image] [image]
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