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07-20-18 06:42 AM

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Posted on 08-09-17 11:10 AM (rev. 3 of 11-23-17 03:23 AM) Link | #85919
Ew, did this thread really get bumped down to page 2? Jeez, I'm lazy...
So, at the time I was making these programs, I had no idea how to add spaces in Batch file paths and stuff. Well, I fixed that, so you can now have spaces in your file names. Also I generally cleaned up some stuff, and made the file smaller by a third (not that 1.5KB is a lot of storage anyway)
Download links are the same because box.xom is awesome and easy like that.

NOTE: Before you can use my tools, you must:
1. Be on Windows
2. Already have Wiimm's wit tools (download that here: https://wit.wiimm.de/download.html )

Wiimm has made an awesome program for dealing with Wii .iso files, although it can be a little tricky to use. So, that's why I made a few noob-friendly Batch programs that can make dealing with .iso files a LOT easier.

There are only a few at the moment, because these are the only programs that I would ever use, although I know some people would like to use other functions of wit, so simply make a request if your program isn't listed here.

Wii .iso extractor: https://app.box.com/s/ju7i3f1oahckzxb3o3wn5hfpwxqk13bc
Wii .iso compiler: https://app.box.com/s/pdyng0hkz631enwmi0oufcr9cou4a8lh
Wii .ciso to .iso converter: https://app.box.com/s/kxpmsmteab5np7k6j9sgzjdvhpdfk1f8

That last one I made because Windows gives a disc icon to .iso files but not .ciso files. I have both .iso files and .ciso files in the same folder, so my OCD told me to make that program. :P
Although every program should work with .ciso files, I just prefer .iso files.

So, simply put your dump folder/.iso files/.ciso files in the same folder as the program and run it.

[image] did you just say that skek is gonna finish his pokemon kuribo hack? [image] [image]

Posted on 08-09-17 05:26 PM Link | #85935
Dolphin 5.0 just freezes when opening a compiled ISO...

I guess that's just me... (I can't run SMG with no ISO either without Dolphin crashing.. D: )

I love SMG2 and Odyssey so I am merging them. :)

Be ready for Whitehole 1.5...
Did you hear? An SMO level editor? Could it be true??? Shhh... [discord strikethrough] I am its developer ok now shaddup [/discord strikethrough]


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Posted on 11-23-17 03:24 AM Link | #91336
Updated the main post with Update 2.0!

[image] did you just say that skek is gonna finish his pokemon kuribo hack? [image] [image]

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - HeroicGamer's Easy wit Tools v2! New reply

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