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08-08-20 02:38 AM

0 users reading How to modify the main.dol of smg / smg2 | 1 bot

Main - Trash - How to modify the main.dol of smg / smg2 Thread closed

Posted on 08-05-17 11:13 AM Link | #85736
Hi everyone, I want to devote myself to hacking smg main.dol

I want to deactivate the effect that makes Mario's skeleton appear while he takes shock, it seems a stupid thing, but it was something that traumatized me when I was little ...

Super Hackio
Posted on 08-05-17 11:33 AM Link | #85741

You seem a little bit suspicious...

We just had someone ask this that was a Re-Register of someone who was banned for asking the same thing.

But If I remember, there ARE some threads on this topic. IN THE ARCHIVE

SMG RUN Progress: Not available here, for more information, check my Youtube Channel

Posted on 08-05-17 11:57 AM Link | #85744
But it's something I always wanted to do when I was 12 in 2010

It is important to me

Posted on 08-05-17 12:03 PM Link | #85746
uh, no

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
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Main - Trash - How to modify the main.dol of smg / smg2 Thread closed

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