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Posted on 07-23-17 03:20 PM Link | #85065
i actually never did any of that kind of stuff in school (at home i did, but meh)

one time i thought my xbox 360 was a bridge so i jumped on it
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N64 Arctus
Posted on 07-23-17 03:36 PM Link | #85067
Sticking a floss toothpick into the disc drive of my old Wii when I was 11, thinking that would fix the problem with the SD card slot...

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Posted on 07-23-17 03:42 PM Link | #85068
Posted by MarioBurger71
I pissed my pants and it went all over my seat back in kindergarten. Probably my most embarrassing moment.

No, THIS is Classic.

Posted on 07-24-17 11:26 PM (rev. 2 of 07-24-17 11:28 PM) Link | #85137
I ruined my reputation in another hacking community due to oversentimentalism combined with me being insanely butthurt and it got to the point where I was banned twice, reregged three times afterward, and scared away people who used to consider me their friend. It... really sucked, but I had some over-attachment and addictive issues towards the site and community anyway so its a good thing I ditched everyone.

I just hope they don't find me here or anywhere else.

"A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying 'Damn, that was fun!'"

Super Hackio
Posted on 07-24-17 11:39 PM Link | #85139

If your concerned about being caught, I can probably hide you in a Chest somewhere in Spiral Field.

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Posted on 07-25-17 09:45 AM Link | #85142
I made some shitty flash game in Multimedia Fusion and posted it online, that's pretty embarrassing. The Wayback Machine never archived the older version of my personal site, which is a good thing because it means nobody else will have to be subjected to my awful "games" and poorly written blog posts. (The only version they archived was when I was waiting for the domain to expire and replaced everything with a message saying "oh no you found my very secret website".) I still have the game, though, here's what it looks like:

It's called "SaltyDawgz". You have to catch the hot dogs falling from the sky and dodge the explosions. I literally made it in 30 minutes and I honestly don't remember if it was a joke game or actually serious. (I hope it was a joke.) A couple months back I found it on my drive and sent it to my friends, and now it's a huge inside joke between us.

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Posted on 07-25-17 03:08 PM Link | #85153
Forgot to say UNO when I was playing UNO. Realized I forgot to say UNO cause of somebody who didn't mind their own flipping business. >_<

Posted on 07-25-17 03:32 PM Link | #85155
there was a stack of coins that i found on my mom's desk

i accidentally swallowed them
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Posted on 08-03-17 05:12 PM Link | #85634
Whatever was going on in me back in 2010 and at MarioWiki.

Posted on 08-03-17 07:07 PM Link | #85651
What I did at Rvlution, haaaa. I try to forget that 2012- 2014 era.
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Posted on 08-03-17 07:16 PM Link | #85656
I think my most embarassing thing is that "Dutch translation project" for SMG2 that I started and worked on in 2014... I have no problem mentioning it here, as the thread is still available.
Everyone, that's how you do it: Translating something without actually knowing the language. :P

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Posted on 08-03-17 09:41 PM Link | #85669

I coded in Java for a while a few years ago.

My brain might never become the same again.

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Posted on 08-03-17 09:44 PM Link | #85670
The only Java I've ever done is some Minecraft modding, I don't know much about it. Why is it so bad, and what should people use instead?

• Nadia: makes her BQFX file an AJ7
• SuperHackio: questions what that is
<~StapleButter> the AJ7 is an automatic rifle model based on the well-known AK47

Posted on 08-04-17 11:09 PM Link | #85725
When I was little, I was told that toothpaste could fix scratched Wii discs. Little me, being as naive and desperate
to fix his favourite Wii game as ever, believed it and went on to absolutely slather the disc in toothpaste.
Unfortunately, little me didn't take into account the fact it was the type of toothpaste with the little
crystals in it. Let's just say, the disc definitely didn't work again afterwards...

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Posted on 08-06-17 10:55 PM Link | #85841
Posted by salty
there was a stack of coins that i found on my mom's desk

i accidentally swallowed them



Posted on 08-07-17 12:32 AM Link | #85843
before i used to put coins in my mouth, and i didn't swallow them, so i did the same for that stack

didn't end well
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Posted on 08-08-17 03:59 PM Link | #85884
My sister tried burning the Witch in L4D2 but I accidentally closed the door on her while she was trying to escape, so the Witch knocked her down. I tried reviving her, but I got incapped too, by the fire.

I also ruined my sister's aim by opening the door and having the door push her aside.

Finally in Dead Center, when the Tank was after my sister, I threw a molotov and made a wall between her and the Tank while the rest of the team can't join her because of the wall so we sat there and watched her fight and then get incapped by the Tank.

Posted on 08-08-17 05:20 PM Link | #85888
words cannot express how many times i have been in all of those situations
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Posted on 08-08-17 05:33 PM Link | #85893
You like Left 4 Dead 2 stories? I have more.

In the Dead Center finale, I was being chased by a Tank and there was also a Charger following me. On the third floor. I tried to jump down, but I fell and got incapped and sat there for a while being a complete deadweight.

I also accidentally opened the crescendo alarm door in Blood Harvest's The Tunnel while my sister was back there still looking for supplies. Louis ended up getting surrounded by infected, incapped, and killed while my sister got incapped herself.

Oh boy I wonder how Expert difficulty is. Advanced is very manageable but I make so much stupid mistakes.

Posted on 08-08-17 05:42 PM Link | #85894
as long as you're playing with friends it's very fun and addicting

play with strangers however and expect to be called a faggot who does very lewd stuff
shibs is a nerd pass it on
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