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01-19-19 07:33 PM

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Posted on 09-23-17 07:15 AM Link | #89449
I don't know how to categorize the type of music I like to listen, so I'll just list a few that I listen to. Marked as !! are my favorites.

C418 (albums):
- 148: 185 (!!) - Aria Economy - Ample Time - Divide by Four Add Seven - Round Up to the Inevitable End - Beta - Habitual Crush - Friend (!!)
- Minecraft Beta: Aria Math (!!) - Taswell - Dreiton - etc.

Jake Chudnow: Movement (!!) - Olive - Shona - etc.
Mistery Myra: The Empty Set (album)

From Video Games:

Pikmin 2: Piklopedia - Perplexing Pool - Mystic March (!!) - Valley of Repose - etc.
Mario Golf Toadstool Tour: Most of the OST (!!) - Special Mention: Too many to list

International Superstar Soccer 2000: All Career Songs - Special Mention: Song 3
The New Tetris: Most of the OST - Special Mention: Japan - Kalinka
Mario Golf (N64): Toad Highlands - Toad Tournament - Koopa Park - Koopa Cup - Yoshi's Island - Create a Character (GBC) - Staff Roll (GBC)

Wetrix: All Songs - Special Mention: Multiplay Mode
Pictionary (NES): Drawing Game, though the other songs are good as well

Other soundtracks I enjoy: SimCity 4, Railroad Tycoon 3, VVVVVV, Tetrisphere, Magical Tetris Challenge, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Mania, OFF, etc.
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Posted on 03-06-18 02:48 PM Link | #93518
Bumpty. I like Tomorrow’s Joe 21st Century Ver. album. Might have to pick it up sometime. But I also like Tomorrow’s Joe Movie Soundtrack.

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Posted on 03-06-18 05:33 PM Link | #93525

I have been listening to the LiS soundtack a lot recently while learning for univ exams. But after finishing the game it's honstly hard to concentrate on learning without having the feeling somebody cuts onions somewhere near you c:

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Posted on 05-14-18 02:48 PM Link | #94315

Some catchy Italian music. :D

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Posted on 05-17-18 01:06 PM Link | #94347
Small list:
- Reach for the stars (SC)
- Dreams of an absolution (S2006)
- Speak with your heart (SC)
- SMG2 Credits
- Sonic Colors Result Screen
- Gameland Color Power (SC)
- His World (S2006 Several Wills)
- Boss Solaris Phase II (SU)
- Nega Wisp Armor Phase II (SC)

well, mostly Sonic STs and some of SMG/SMG2.

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Posted on 05-17-18 02:55 PM Link | #94348
*new post by iyenal*
oh hey, cool, i wanna see what iyenal listens too
*all VGM*
...well then...


okay but my music mainly consists of VGM too, some favorites are:
99% of the mario galaxy 1 soundtrack
Frozen Solid and Chilled from Yoshi's Woolly World
End Credits from Super Mario World

and the majority of the music tracks from Heathers: the Musical
i dunno why, i just really like that musical
i'm not really one for musicals, either. when hamilton got its big popularity boom along with other musicals i thought they were all stupid, but then i saw heathers and i was like "yep, that's not bad actually"

i mean it's rated r butttt still a good watch
and you can get most of the storyline just from the songs so that's something too i guess
MOST, not all

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Posted on 05-17-18 09:09 PM Link | #94352

i love this song it's too bad the anime is garbage compared to the game

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Posted on 06-04-18 04:25 PM Link | #94531
I listen to alot of music, mainly Gorrilaz, Del The Funkee Homosapien, and whatever weird shit my brother reccomends. Below is my favourite song, ever. I love it SO much.

Ayyyo look out down below, here he comes, bannana slamma, Kongo bongos hero.

Posted on 06-04-18 09:55 PM Link | #94540
Um, that's hard to say.

I gotta say mine its either Cirrus Heavens from Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
Or the Desert theme from New Super Mario Bros. Wii

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Posted on 06-07-18 12:24 AM Link | #94562

I like this kind of rap.

Posted on 06-07-18 06:43 PM Link | #94578

somewhat attracted to this song

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Posted on 06-09-18 07:32 AM (rev. 2 of 06-09-18 07:34 AM) Link | #94599
Heres some more tunes:

White Flag:


Memory Loss:

This is America:



Twinsanity Island:

Ayyyo look out down below, here he comes, bannana slamma, Kongo bongos hero.
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