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Posted on 07-04-17 03:41 PM (rev. 3 of 07-04-17 05:49 PM) Link | #84305
This is probably the most horrifying thing I've ever read about. It involves child abuse on a massive scale, aided and abetted by the US government. Nick Bryant, an investigative journalist who's previously written about the plight of disadvantaged children, told the story in his amazingly well-documented book. Children in the Omaha area, including from the foster care system and the Boys Town orphanage, were pandered to political and business elites around the country for sex. These elites sometimes subjected the children to sadistic abuse, and were often blackmailed by the ring, which had links to the CIA. As unbelievable as this story seems, Bryant collected an incredible amount of corroboration, including public records, numerous witness/victim interviews, and sealed documents from grand juries (such as the flight receipts for transporting children).

Lawrence E. King, a rising black star in the Republican Party, was the leader of the ring. King ran the Franklin Credit Union, whose purpose was providing loans to Omaha's black community. He had powerful political connections, counting people such as CIA director William Casey and future Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas as personal friends. In 1984, King sang the national anthem at the Republican convention.

The first allegations towards Larry King came in 1985 from children in foster care. Specifically, it was the foster children of Jarrett and Barbara Webb. These children were subject to horrific daily beatings from the Webbs, and while social services eventually caught wind of this and removed the children, the Webbs were never charged with any child abuse. Barbara was a cousin of Larry King, and Jarrett had worked for the Franklin Credit Union.

After the girls were relocated, some of them began to recount more details of the abuse to their new families. Eulice Washington revealed that she had also been sexually abused by Jarrett Webb. She also revealed that the Webbs had forced her and her siblings to attend sex parties at Larry King's house and the Omaha Girls Club that King was president of. Washington even said that King had flown her and other kids (including some from Boys Town) to Chicago for an orgy, where she had seen vice president George H.W. Bush slip out with a kid.

The next allegations came from Shawneta Moore, who was staying in a psychiatric facility. A worker, Kirstin Hallberg, there asked Moore if she had any pastimes, and she brought up the Omaha Girls Club. Hallberg, who was a friend of Eulice's new foster mother and knew about Eulice's revelations, asked if Moore knew the Webbs - she did. When Hallberg inquired further about the Girls Club, she became distressed and suddenly blurted out that she had been in a child prostitution ring. She refused to say much more, expressing concern that the ring was too powerful.

Hallberg relayed this to her supervisor, and found other girls at the facility who recounted similar abuse. The supervisor wasn't happy that these girls tended to reach out to Hallberg. Eventually, she got suspended for being "over-involved" with the residents. When Hallberg voiced her concern about Larry King's wife being on the board of the facility, her supervisor's boss screamed at her and said she could either resign or get fired.

Moore was later released, and Hallberg landed a job at another nearby mental hospital. In June, Moore called Hallberg, saying that she had been confiding in her school counselor, and that they wanted to meet with her. The counselor said that Moore had revealed "everything about Larry King". Since Moore had become suicidal, she was hospitalized, this time at Hallberg's new hospital. Moore eventually revealed how she had been drafted into child sex parties at the Omaha Girls Club, and that the adults there (including Larry King) would even torture and murder children.

In 1988, the Franklin Credit Union was closed down after federal auditors discovered that King had been embezzling money from it. For years, he had staved off audits by telling would-be federal auditors to "Call Washington!", emphasizing the political pull he had. The federal government would determine that he had stolen $40 million from a credit union with $2.5 million in assets.

A Nebraska legislative committee was set up to investigate the collapse of the credit union. While they initially focused on financial malfeasance, it didn't take long to come across the reports of Larry King and child abuse. The Franklin committee began to investigate that angle as well. After some controversy that led to the initial investigator quitting, they hired respected private investigator Gary Caradori in 1989.

Caradori went to work tracking down victims. He found Alisha Owen, who was in prison for writing bad checks, and was harboring dark secrets. She revealed to Caradori that she had been in a pedophile network led by Larry King, initially recruited by a Boys Town student. Even more shockingly, she asserted that she was raped multiple times by police chief Robert Wadman, who had fathered her child.

Two more victims, Troy Boner and Danny King, were named by Owen, and Caradori found and interviewed them as well. In 1990, Caradori came across a fourth victim, Paul Bonacci, who had been incarcerated for molesting a child. He was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, caused by a childhood of traumatic abuse. Bonacci related abuse in a pedophile network led by Larry King, and even shared the names of Owen, Boner, and King (which were not public), as well as the name of the Boys Town student mentioned by Owen and other intricate private details.

As you can see, multiple victims independently recounted similar scenarios of abuse, naming the same abusers and sometimes even each other. There was also a police detective in Kansas City who had asked Kirstin Hallberg, at a child exploitation conference in KSC, when they were going to do something about Larry King's child abuse. And Nick Bryant spoke to a few kids from Boys Town who also related their involvement in King's pedophile network.

At the same time, an investigation in Washington DC began to come across Larry King's activities. Several children said that Larry King flew them across the country, and Bonacci even mentioned going to DC - all of this was corroborated by flight receipts that Bryant found. Paul Rodriguez of the Washington Times was doing a male prostitution investigation in which King's name eventually came up.

Rodriguez initially focused on a male escort service that was used by many prominent DC figures. He came across a Republican lobbyist, Craig Spence, who spent $20,000 a month on this escort service for his house parties. All manner of DC luminaries attended Spence's parties, including congressmen, media figures, and even CIA director William Casey. On the surface, the parties were legitimate political functions, but later at night, Spence would provide cocaine and prostitutes to party guests. The house was wired with video recording equipment, which Spence said was installed by "friendly intelligence agents". Spence claimed, and Rodriguez confirmed, that he was a CIA asset.

In Rodriguez's investigation, Larry King's name began to surface as well. This led him to Gary Caradori's investigation in Omaha, who was tracing King's activities all the way to DC. According to Caradori's assistant, Paul Bonacci (who claimed to have been flown to DC) mentioned being flown by King to meet Spence. Henry Vinson, who ran the aforementioned male escort service, would later go on record with Nick Bryant to confirm that King and Spence were partners in pedophilic blackmail, and they both worked for the CIA.

Vinson claims that back in 1989, when he was being debriefed by federal prosecutors, he told them about King and Spence's partnership. He also says he mentioned the high-flying clients of his escort service. The government denied that Vinson's clients were DC elites, but they sealed all the documents in Vinson's case, and Rodriguez was able to get his hands on documentation confirming Vinson's statements about his clientele and proving the government was lying. Rodriguez was told it would be a "cold day in hell" before the documents were unsealed.

Despite this mass of corroboration, the local media (whose publisher was implicated at Larry King's parties), Omaha police (whose chief was implicated at Larry King's parties), and the FBI worked diligently to cover up the child abuse. Both Troy Boner and Danny King were pressured by the FBI to recant, which they did - Owen and Bonacci were as well, but they refused. State and federal grand juries were convened, and as Nick Bryant's book reveals in frustrating detail, they were corrupted. Nearly all of the abusers got off, while Owen and Bonacci were indicted for perjury.

It was claimed that Franklin was just a "carefully-crafted hoax", all invented by a fired Boys Town counselor who Alisha Owen had only briefly been in a mental hospital with. Apparently, she was able to remember this hoax, impart it to Troy Boner in a 20-minute phone call that never happened (according to phone records), who imparted it to Danny King at the bar of a hotel that didn't have a bar. Meanwhile, Bonacci somehow received all these details through the "jailhouse grapevine", even though he and Owen were incarcerated in different prisons. This hoax was purportedly to get Owen rich and famous, though she shunned any media attention and never tried to publicize her story, and to get her out of jail, which is why she decided to stick with a story that got her railroaded for perjury rather than recanting as the FBI wanted her to. And none of this hoax explanation resolves the earlier accounts of abuse from Eulice Washington and Shawneta Moore, the concern about Larry King in Kansas City, or how Rodriguez and Vinson in DC corroborated Larry King's pedophile ring.

Both the grand jury and Owen's perjury trial were blatant kangaroo courts, and I couldn't do them justice here - Bryant's book describes both of them. What's notable, though, is that multiple jurors filed affidavits about improprieties in the case, including planted evidence. After the state just barely succeeded in convicting Owen, they dropped the perjury charges against Bonacci for some reason.

During the grand jury, Gary Caradori knew about the ongoing coverup, and became determined to get pictures of the pedophilic orgies to prove the abuse. He hooked up with King's former photographer in Chicago, who says he slipped Caradori the pictures. Earlier, Caradori had told Rodriguez he was in Chicago to obtain pictures, and he called the leader of the Franklin committee to say "We got them by the shorthairs". When Caradori was flying back to Nebraska, his plane inexplicably broke up in midair. His things were returned to his family, but his investigative briefcase was gone.

Right after Caradori's death, Troy Boner was overcome with emotion and called Gary's widow, asserting that he wasn't lying to Caradori and that the FBI pressured him to recant. He would later file an affidavit detailing his intimidation by the FBI.

Outrageous as it might sound, there's a wealth of evidence for this pedophile network. It was protected at the local, state, and federal levels, sometimes by people who were accused of being in the ring. And the main purpose seems to have been blackmail. Larry King employed a photographer to take photos of the adults and kids having sex, and he flew children to Craig Spence's house, which was bugged as well. Both of them appeared to be working for the CIA. So not only does a corrupt subgenus within the CIA help promote child abuse, but they also harbor compromising material on politicians, government officials, businessmen, and the media.

Posted on 07-08-17 02:35 PM Link | #84416
Well that is just plain disturbing. How can any individual within the CIA hold this from the public? More importantly, why doesn't any other agency get involved?

Stupid corrupt politicians.

Irony is the spice of life.

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Posted on 07-08-17 03:16 PM Link | #84421
Posted by JakoNintenCraft
Well that is just plain disturbing. How can any individual within the CIA hold this from the public? More importantly, why doesn't any other agency get involved?

Stupid corrupt politicians.

It wasn't kept from the public entirely, because we do know about this scandal and are able to read books like Nick Bryant's. But media and law enforcement did close ranks to cover it up, which is why the official narrative is that this scandal was just a hoax. Leading members of Nebraska's media, law enforcement, and judiciary were in fact implicated in this sex ring, along with high-ranking federal officials, so it makes sense that they would scramble to hide it. And much of the mainstream media has been compromised by the CIA as well, through schemes like Operation Mockingbird, so it makes sense that the rest of the media didn't question these official pronouncements. You don't need a massive conspiracy of complicity, just several key people in high places to be compromised.

Posted on 07-20-17 10:23 AM Link | #84856
Here's part 1 of a British documentary about the Franklin scandal meant to air on the Discovery Channel in 1994. It was suddenly pulled right before broadcast with no explanation. Some people have claimed that the government threatened Discovery into killing it, and while I'm not aware of any direct proof of that, it's interesting that the DOJ approved a merger involving Discovery's owner exactly one week before the documentary was set to air.

Posted on 02-16-18 06:21 PM Link | #93309
In a similar vein to the Franklin scandal, there's the case of Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire pedophile who was friends with the likes of Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and other elites. Epstein kept young girls as sex slaves and also pimped them out to his wealthy and powerful friends. He also had his house wired up with recording equipment just as Craig Spence did, most likely for the same purpose of sexual blackmail. Before the 2016 election, a woman named Katie Johnson came forward accusing Epstein and Trump of sexually abusing her as a child. She dropped the suit shortly before the election, apparently due to death threats, but Trump supporters and the right-wing media claimed she made the lawsuit up. However, it appears that part of her story -- the mention of another child sex slave named "Maria" -- is corroborated. Some journalists have found a girl named "Maria" who was abducted in the New York area during the same time period: http://www.justice-integrity.org/1445-welcome-to-waterbury-the-city-that-holds-secrets-that-could-bring-down-trump and http://www.justice-integrity.org/1456-new-information-emerges-in-maria-story This latter link was provided to me by Nick Bryant, author of The Franklin Scandal.

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