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10-20-18 11:51 PM

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Posted on 04-08-17 03:04 PM Link | #82412
I'm sure a lot of you here have gone through some sort of depression, before,
and for the past few months, it feels like my life just keeps going up, and down.

I'm in a situation where I'm just not sure how to deal with it,
and it feel like I don't have any people to go to, when I just want to express myself,
or get somethings off of my chest, most of the time it feels like people would rather
just walk away, than at least try to help me feel better, and sometime, if not most of the time,
they just pin it on my natural behavior, and I feel helpless, and lost,
and it seems like I can't get them to understand me, and that's really all I want,
is for someone to just listen, without getting mad at me, or blaming it on something else,
I guess I should expect it, since most may not know how it feels, or
may not have any personal encounters with depression them selves,
it just makes me feel like I'm a ugly person on the inside, and I don't know what to do.

And it seems like whenever I try to explain myself, nobody is willing to listen,
and they just walk away. They don't understand they I just don't mean to be this way,
I can't help it, it's just a time in my life, and it's really starting to hit me hard,
because it feel like it just keeps destroying so many things for me, and I can't seem to fix them...

Have any of you ever had times like this?


Posted on 04-10-17 09:53 PM Link | #82446
I have, especially when I moved, I felt really out of place and felt honestly like less than a person. I personally feel I'm still dealing with it, but I have friends now, and they can be great for talking to.

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Posted on 04-11-17 03:33 PM Link | #82455
I'm sure everyone has ups and downs, but if you think no one is listening to you, try seeing a therapist who will listen and will explain your thoughts and suggest things for you. You'll have to be open, honest, and maybe even detailed about your problems or else therapy might not work very well. But I don't think you have depression unless you've had these feelings of hopelessness for weeks not days, since everyone has sad days. Of course, if you do have those feelings for a very long time and never went away, that's a big, big problem and I suggest seeking help not from people you believe won't listen to you, but from disinterested third parties who can offer a fresh perspective on your problems.

Posted on 04-12-17 07:07 AM Link | #82462
I've had a very depressing few weeks, but earlier today, I've decided to speak to one of the main responsible people, where we've cleared up some stuff.
After that, both sides started to feel better again.

Posted on 04-12-17 06:16 PM Link | #82477
I'm not sure I understood it from your post, but... what causes you to be depressed to begin with? There has to be a cause.

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Main - Serious discussion - Dealing with depression New reply

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