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05-25-17 12:47 AM

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Posted on 03-24-17 10:09 PM Link | #82122
Here's a compilation of some things I did while hacking the game:

This includes Shy Guys, the sprinkler, Magikoopas, and of course Launch Stars. A download will be available when I finish the level that these objects are on. I will say, however, that the switch and Launch Star in this video will be absent.

(The Shy Guys have bad lighting, I know; I recently fixed that glitch. It turns out that SM64DSe doesn't transform normals by the inverse bone matrix like it does for vertex positions.)

Current hack: Excerpt from Super Mario 256

Any map on a flat torus can be colored with at most 7 colors.

Posted on 03-25-17 01:26 PM Link | #82129
Nice! One step closer to that "Super Mario 64 DS and Knuckles" hack i've been dreaming of!

Main - General SM64DS hacking - What Is Possible! #1 New reply

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