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03-25-19 04:01 AM

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Posted on 12-22-16 08:03 PM Link | #80528
The year isn't over yet, but I guess we have a good oversight of it already.

So, how was 2016 for me?

Skipping past political crap, I'd say it was... good. I took a stupid decision and ended up feeling a lot better. It hasn't been instant or easy, but I'm on my merry way.

My subconscious is encouraging me to continue. I had that dream where my parents came to my place and offered me to move back to their home, and I accepted, but felt sad.

My life is here, in my new place. I go my own way without being bothered. I don't get called a parasite for not meeting someone's standards. I get things done. I see people, make friends. It's cool.

I'm mentally sane again! And 2017 sure is going to be exciting.

How was 2016 for you guys?

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Posted on 12-23-16 12:35 AM Link | #80530
Thats nice to hear, living on your own is a big move.

It's alright here, its been a great year for me, got a lot done and advanced my career quite a bit.

Posted on 12-23-16 03:20 AM Link | #80531
It went by really fast.
Probably the shortest year ever, when it comes to feeling.

Posted on 12-24-16 09:40 PM Link | #80551
This year?

Eh, it's been fine. (Twelve months passed by fast!)

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Posted on 12-24-16 11:19 PM Link | #80552
This year I joined a lot of online communities revolving around subjects that, right now, I don't know how I lived without. Speedrunning, ROM hacking, etc.

I finished year 8 too. The school aspect of the year was meh. I did decent. I could've, and probably should've, put in more effort, but the year's over now. I also had Ggreek school which I don't really enjoy, mainly because most people there are there to chill with all their Greek friends, and it turns into a social event every week and it stresses me out and I really don't like it. But I wanna do Greek in VCE (The year 12 test thing in Australia to get into uni) and I want the extra marks :p

Overall it's been a good year. The only thing I'm looking forward to in 2017 at this point is the switch, really, but I'm sure it'll be great overall.

No, not doing SM64DS hacking, just here for the waffles.

Posted on 12-24-16 11:28 PM Link | #80554
Fast. Way too fast. Wish it could of gone slower
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Posted on 12-25-16 05:40 PM Link | #80559
Eh, I'd say it's been alright-ish.

A nobody.

Posted on 12-25-16 05:48 PM Link | #80562
It was good for the most part, other than a bunch of stress issues towards the end. Here's to a better 2017 though!

Hacking LM and trying to not suck. Weeeeeeee.

Posted on 12-25-16 05:50 PM Link | #80563
KLayout 4.0
It's the year I:
- I actually did stuff
- I go to a new school I like this time around (for now)

yeah, there's the Wonderful Train Adventures™, but I guess tradeoffs have to be made

it's been a more or less good year
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Posted on 12-28-16 05:49 PM Link | #80584
It's bad for me.

I hit a breaking point when it came to dad and me to the point I hurt myself. I also first started realizing he's abusing me, and it's a tough pill to swallow even though I resent him.

But again, I discovered you guys. And you guys found me and realized how awesome I am and I like that a lot.

Posted on 12-28-16 08:43 PM Link | #80588
Fine, I guess. Other than tests and stuff, 2016 was good. I'm really glad that now I have EnCryptiX to work on in my free time :)


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Posted on 06-15-18 09:11 PM Link | #94708
Two years later:

The 2018 so far ... hectic. I have to learn a ton of new coding because the chilean market is changing... again. (i am a software programmer) But believe it or not, I have developed a learning technique:

Basically you learn as much as possible from every aspect of a case or study, and then you just replace common patterns in the new source, so you replace and glue behavioral logic to it. (ie: things that makes you remember the core of such case or study, and add new information, and label it as new content). Then you can take mental shortcuts to learn and create things. And if re-learning requires effort, you can take shortcuts and understand that case or study again, minimizing energy consumption. Think of power saving features for your brain!

The problem is taking too much shortcuts will make you get bored or something.
Other than that, OK. I just registered.

Posted on 06-15-18 09:59 PM Link | #94712
2018 is a looooooong year.

I'm sick of our president and the sooner he gets kicked out of positions of power, the better. Ideally, his property should just be demolished and have either ecological reserves replacing them or cheap, affordable, quality housing.

Posted on 06-20-18 03:15 PM Link | #94796
2018 started rather crapo but things are... getting there


NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 06-20-18 06:11 PM Link | #94802
2018 feels...like just another year! :P

Let's get 2019 in here! More exciting! :D

Netplay is a language we all speak.

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Posted on 06-21-18 01:10 AM Link | #94804
2018 is the year I actually got shit done and (seemingly) aced my exams somehow. we get results in July, though.
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Posted on 06-21-18 09:33 AM Link | #94805
was there any trouble around the exams? there's been quite a lot of trouble around in the country

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 06-21-18 12:50 PM Link | #94806
the exams I had were basically prelims, they're a few of those that make the BAC. I think I did decent, but considering how easy it was they're probably gonna judge harshly to make up for it.
there's one more exam to go and I'm hoping not to fail that.
[17:45:16] IceFairyAmy: i don't want a girlfriend tbh, it'd be a waste of time

Posted on 06-21-18 02:46 PM Link | #94807
I am very surprised that everybody is satisfied when he passes an exam. That's just the most basic requirment. For me, I would aim for at least 85% except compositions and liberal studies.

2018 sucks because exams are a month long.

Posted on 06-23-18 10:10 PM Link | #94821
I remember doing ASK and PARCC testing in my school, the latter of which was mostly unfair.

Heh my parents thought I had to repeat 11th grade until they realized that the PARCC testing doesn’t go on your grade. :P

I try hard either way. :P

Netplay is a language we all speak.

Here’s my Discord. Still setting stuff up though, because I need my laptop.

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