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03-26-19 08:06 AM

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Posted on 12-16-16 11:15 PM Link | #80364
Let's take a nice look at all the power-of-two-index posts on this board. Out of context.

Post 1:
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Post 2:
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Post 4:
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Post 8:
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Post 16:
Posted by Dirbaio
Sooo... Hi all!

I'm Dirbaio, and maybe some of you guys know me from the NSMB hacking community. I'm the current developer of NSMB Editor and run a forum about it called The NSMB Hacking Domain or NSMBHD for short :)

So, let's see what'll be going on here. Looks like it'll be interesting :)

Post 32:
Posted by NWPlayer123
I made a design for the layout for whitehole and marionumber1 is going to fork it and translate it.

Post 64:
Posted by xfix
Welcome, Ruedajv10 and shibboleet. Have fun on this site.

(also: ray ninja'd me)

Post 128:
Posted by ray


`,-,´ = Mine Turtle! :)

Post 256:
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Post 512:
Posted by StapleButter
But even without Whitehole, there are still several forums where you can try and discuss about stuff to bring activity. Never say that the board is dying if you aren't even trying :P

As Dirbaio said, the board should be more active when Whitehole is released. Basically, the whole Kuribo64 v2 project relies on Whitehole.

Post 1024:
Posted by NWPlayer123
I might be the one who is hacking NSMBU before it was cool :3
Other then that I don't really see much interest, as tons of hacks have been made for previous games, and I hate being mainstream :P
Then again MKW custom tracks are mainstream but that isn't the point :P

Post 2048:
Posted by Marionumber1
I've thought of a possible reason why Flying Mario doesn't work on the Wii. Remembering how the Ice Flower only worked in levels that had an Ice Flower in it, how brkirch's code doesn't transform Mario into a new form unless the power-up is in the level, and how when I tried to make the Fire Flower load any power-ups besides Fire and Flying Mario, it didn't work, I thought of this possibility.

Flying Mario doesn't work on the Wii because there's no Red Star in the level. The reason that the hack worked on Dolphin is because Fire Mario and Flying Mario both use the same model but with different textures, so Dolphin's emulated processor sees them as the same power-up. The solution is to make the Red Star load in the level.

Post 4096:
Posted by NWPlayer123
Posted by Polari
So, break into Bowser's main castle + escort mission + running from a swarm of bullet bills + Bowser fight?

How will the Bowser planet be modified?
I still am fine with this idea, so yes

Post 8192:
Posted by shibboleet
Yeah, that would involve adding many new things to the whole game, and coding in every single thing to it.

Post 16384:
Posted by shibboleet
Yes, you need to be in the irc a ton in order to see all this stuff that we're doing >.<

Post 32768:
Posted by NWPlayer123
World map editing. Simply moving the spot on the map to a different spot so they switch plades.

Post 65536:
Posted by NoThisIsStupider
Ohhh... misread your post. Just woke up not that long ago :P

Post 131072:
Coming soon...

Current hack: Excerpt from Super Mario 256

Any map on a flat torus can be colored with at most 7 colors.

Posted on 12-16-16 11:28 PM Link | #80365
Well, that was... Random.

I also just looked at power of three posts just after looking at this thread, and I'm semi disappointed that none of these posts belong to me. :P

A nobody.

Posted on 12-17-16 03:30 AM Link | #80369

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