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04-24-18 06:41 AM

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Posted on 12-16-16 07:35 PM Link | #80360
So I thought I'd share a few of my work. It's no secret that I'm a fan of the Mario Bros..



The Mario and Luigi hugging each other fanart is my latest work. Took shorter than the Mario & Baby Luigi one. :P

I'll post more when I make more! :3

Posted on 12-16-16 08:05 PM Link | #80362
What do you use for the 3d art and the same for the 2d
jeez, I don't know what to put here now.

Posted on 12-16-16 08:36 PM Link | #80363
3D Art - Maya, rendered with mental ray settings in the 4 plumber one, the latter two rendered in normal three-point lighting.

2D Art - Krita, used ink and wet brushes.

Posted on 12-16-16 11:29 PM Link | #80366
Very good with the shadowing using different shades of that certain color, keep up the good work!
jeez, I don't know what to put here now.

Posted on 01-06-17 08:56 PM Link | #80809

It's a sniper rifle, but yeah, I'm sorta struggling making this thing. It's so complicated-looking. I'm not accustomed to modeling this sort of stuff, but it's a beginning.

Posted on 03-07-17 12:51 AM (rev. 2 of 03-07-17 12:53 AM) Link | #81817

Peach's Castle model. Modeled in a different version of Maya, imported into OBJ, this actually isn't the full model.

Haven't worked on this for a while, but I like how this is turning out.

Posted on 03-30-17 01:13 AM (rev. 2 of 03-30-17 01:19 AM) Link | #82204
I'm going to be involved in a pretty big personal project.


These are 3D model sheets I created for a survivor mod I'll eventually put in Left 4 Dead 2. Of course, it's Mario, but his hair and his clothes are styled after Ellis, who is a survivor that Mario I usually put over. I hope it turns out well, but the modeling is going on pretty nicely. I'm just contemplating how to deal with the clothing folds and the textures (which I'll go for cartoony but with all dirty and unkempt because zombie survival lol.

Posted on 03-30-17 02:17 AM (rev. 2 of 03-30-17 02:18 AM) Link | #82207
I must say, all of your art looks very good, it has nice shading, and it looks professional, in a sense. I tend to make pixel art, in my spare time. I personally like any art that looks like it would come from the 4th, 5th, and 6th generations. (The SNES, N64, and GameCube).

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Posted on 03-30-17 02:21 PM Link | #82214
Yo, thanks. I don't consider myself a pro and I think it's a bit off. I'm working on it, though and I hope I'll go to a college that has a program on video game development. Digipen is my dream school, though I'm also looking at Gnomon. Could've sworn CalState Northridge has something as well...

The art coming from those gens thankfully aren't that difficult to make. In fact, that's what my earlier renders look a bit like for now, but my goal is to achieve realism and high levels of detail at some point. Though, I'm not working on being texture artist as much as being a modeler, though I am dabbling with textures.

Posted on 07-03-17 03:47 AM Link | #84213

Mental ray is a nice rendering program.

And I think my own renders now look better than official GCN-era renders. :P

Posted on 07-03-17 07:30 AM Link | #84218
That's nice. The hand looks big like that though. Might just be the perspective.
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Posted on 07-03-17 07:51 AM Link | #84220
yeah, it's sorta big

not that Mario's proportions are realistic by any means tho :P

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Posted on 07-03-17 04:17 PM Link | #84254
It's likely just perspective. Mario's model is a rip from Mario & Sonic at the Sochi Winter of Criminally Long Titles and I don't think I've accidentally altered any of his body parts aside from rotating his limbs and spine into place. Mario's hands are naturally big relative to his arms and his legs are pretty short so they probably do look disproportionate when they're positioned over his legs. Finally, Mario's never really posed like this in official art, so there's that.

Posted on 07-04-17 02:17 AM Link | #84280

I decided a light blue background simply because I think it looked best behind Luigi. I have a transparent version lying around but eh.

Posted on 07-04-17 03:03 AM Link | #84285
looks like white to me on my secondary monitor, but wow, that really looks like official art! you're really talented :D

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Main - Relaxland - LeftyGreenMario makes fanart and stuff New reply

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