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12-09-18 10:59 PM

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Main - Relaxland - The predict the future thread New reply

Posted on 09-25-16 11:10 PM Link | #77991
Here you can predict about the future of anything you wish that is specific - be it a particular company, person, country, item, etc.

Imma choose the iPhone just because I'm super uncreative and unoriginal.

iPhone 7s
Notes: Remove the smaller versions and kills the SE line, as they found out they could make more money from the Plus, without regard to its behemoth size. Kills the lesser storage options and leaves 256 GB as the only option for the same reason. You must use the special AirPods for listening to music now, different from the 7! You must also charge the phone with a special wireless charger.

Cost: Estimated $220 to make
Price of Phone: $969
AirPods: $159
Wireless Charger: $59
Profit Per Phone: $967

iPhone 8
Note: Changed AirPods and wireless charger so that you must purchase them again. Removes the camera. Also removes the buttons. These can be purchased as addons.

Price Of Phone: $979
AirPods: $169
Wireless Charger: $69
Camera (Selfie Camera, and 2 Rear Cameras): $379
Wireless Clicker: $59
Profit: $1435

iPhone 8s
Note: Removes the battery, must be purchased as an add-on, otherwise phone won't run! Other components are included in the package however, as some noobs couldn't figure it out. As always, the other stuff from the previous generations are not compatible with this.

Price of other stuff increased by $10 each.
Battery: $199
Profit: $1674

iPhone 8s Supreme
Note: Not 9 yet. Behold the supreme. A completely revolutionary comes with a special screen that is only visible via special contact lenses. Idea stolen from StapleButter as a punishment for inciting the world famous Apple boycott. Business is declining, Apple is getting desperate. Oh yeah, the contacts are known to make your eyes worse so as to spark up their new business of eye care, which costs upwards of thousands a year, not included in the profits.

Price of the other stuff increased by $25 instead of $10 as the business is declining.
Contact Lens (not the eye checkup service and that stuff, just the actual material alone): $499
Profit: $2323

iPhone 10
Note: Skipped 9 like Windows. The revolution by Staple is having a huge impact. Over 99.7% of the population has switched to Android. There, however, are still some that have not opened up their eyes yet to the reality, and Apple seizes this opportunity to make the maximum amount of profits to bring their business back on track. This time, they introduce the self-destruct mode where a phone stops working after one week and you must bring it to your local Apple store to get it fixed (they actually just hardcode the "not working" screen, Apple employees do something to it that we all don't know what, to get rid of the screen. They offer that service as buying a new phone. Profit calculated assumed that the user uses the phone for one year.

Price of the other stuff increased by $50 because help!!!
Purchasing a new phone each week costs $1064
Profit: $58,051

And they said the remaining sheep had to give up because what there were spending on the iPhone was more than their paycheck. They first gave up their house, then all their possessions, and the government issued food stamps and such, and finally starved themself to a fateful death, with their dear iPhone 10 with them. And then they said Apple went bankrupt.

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Posted on 09-26-16 04:23 PM Link | #77995
In the future, only 1 company will survive in each category.
That's what monopoly does, anyway: Taking away customer's choice, just for the money.

Posted on 09-26-16 04:24 PM Link | #77996
In the future, apples will be nice and big and red. Just like now when they aren't polluted.

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Posted on 09-26-16 10:59 PM Link | #78018
Nintendo will still be rehashing NSMB games and changing the level themes in order of appearance.

*quietly whispers*
move r0 r7
push r4 to r14
load register r4 into r0

Posted on 09-26-16 11:20 PM Link | #78019
There will be a new bootrom exploit, and gateway will steal it, and call it their own.

Posted on 09-28-16 03:28 PM Link | #78057
In the future, mainstream music will get worse everyday.
We'll keep simplifying music to the point that it only consists of short beeps and boops.
This immensely popular genre of music will be refered to as "Human Music".

Posted on 09-28-16 03:30 PM Link | #78058
nah, that'd be 8bit music :P

music will be like art -- minimalist. minimalist art is a blank canvas. music will be the same: 3 minutes of silence.

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Posted on 09-28-16 03:37 PM Link | #78059
This thread will be closed because people will use it for postcount++ ;)

A nobody.

Posted on 09-28-16 03:38 PM Link | #78060
besides, we already have a very similar thread, the 2025 one

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 10-09-16 10:31 PM Link | #78474
Well, I have to point out the fact that Apple is no longer making the "S" iPhone now. They're said to be taking a much different look at the smartphone line, which will be shown off in the next iPhone, which is rumored to be the iPhone X

Yeah, true Apple fanboy right here :D (Even thogh I own a Del XPS 13 and am quite happy with it)

Posted on 10-10-16 06:13 AM Link | #78478
I predict that they will rerelease all the 2d mario games with nsmb style.

Stupidity is the bane of my existence. Why do you think I hate myself?

Posted on 10-10-16 10:30 AM Link | #78480
* Toms looks at Super Mario Run

Yeah, I think Nintendo still thinks that the NSMB style still looks good

Posted on 10-10-16 06:37 PM Link | #78499
No, RErelease al the previous, perfectly fine, and artistically styled games into the same, repetitive bullshit. CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPITALISM!

Stupidity is the bane of my existence. Why do you think I hate myself?

Posted on 10-10-16 09:49 PM Link | #78524
I've lost all faith in Nintendo

In fact, I bet the company's spiral into the black hole only gets worse with their laughable iOS games

Funny, I used to dream about making Mario for iPhone. I still think that'd be awesome, if Nintendo didn't make crap like SMR

Posted on 10-11-16 05:07 PM Link | #78552
Also, Apple attempts to make the purge legal so only rich people exist, and more people will not buy cheaper computers in fear of being attacked by apple.

Stupidity is the bane of my existence. Why do you think I hate myself?

Main - Relaxland - The predict the future thread New reply

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