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12-10-18 01:03 PM

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Posted on 08-19-16 05:32 AM Link | #76281
Hey there. So I recently made a custom NSMB2 background:

which appears to be flat ingame and the Background just scrolls as fast as the level. That shouldn't be the case, because the blue grid and the background wall are both pretty far away from each other. That should create an effect of depth which just does not appear ingame.

Does anyone from the 3D model experts know something about that? Like are there any special settings in the 3D Modeling program you have to do to prevent that?

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Posted on 08-19-16 04:27 PM Link | #76302
I would suggest it has something to do with the kind of projection the 3d model uses. But I guess somewhere there is an option to make different layers scroll at different speeds.

Posted on 08-19-16 11:25 PM Link | #76324
Orthographic projection, that is. I don't think there is a "switch" between perspective and orthographic when it comes to modeling: it's all on how the camera behaves.

Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - @3DExperts: Help with 3D Model Background New reply

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