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01-21-19 03:20 AM

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Posted on 08-07-16 12:56 PM (rev. 2 of 08-08-16 06:41 PM) Link | #75814
Hey guys I am making a custom 3d land rom hack. It includes custom levels, 3d world levels and galaxy levels. Here are a bunch of photoos :D. MK7tester is also helping me, so credits to him for making/designing levels :D.








A tutorial I made about the editor.


For more info check http://gbatemp.net/threads/rom-hack-super-mario-3d-land-1-5.434913/

The hack is almost completed. I am working on the last level right now :D !

Comment for ideas if you have


Posted on 08-07-16 02:10 PM (rev. 2 of 08-07-16 02:14 PM) Link | #75817
How do you down this :P ? Seem good,but I never played with 3dland. I think I'll play with this mod :).

Posted on 08-07-16 02:30 PM Link | #75818
Looks pretty good!
You did pretty well at getting that 3D land style right.
I will play this if I get Hans to work.

Posted on 08-07-16 02:33 PM Link | #75819
You wont be needing Hans. I can't get hans to work either :P

I will compile a cia and a 3ds file for everyone to use

Posted on 08-07-16 02:49 PM (rev. 3 of 08-07-16 02:54 PM) Link | #75820
Can you import a few levels from Sunshine too? I'll help you if I can get the SM3DL rom dumped.

This looks great, btw.

Posted on 08-07-16 02:55 PM Link | #75821
Seriously,how do you done this? I do not know a tool for editing SM3DL.

Posted on 08-07-16 02:57 PM (rev. 3 of 08-07-16 02:57 PM) Link | #75822
Posted by luigigamer
Seriously,how do you done this? I do not know a tool for editing SM3DL.

You don't really need to post to ask him again, he probably just hasn't been online since your first post.

SM3DL Level Editor

Posted on 08-07-16 03:09 PM Link | #75823
I saw your galaxy custom levels. Maybe you could use your cool level design to make 3d land levels ? :P

I would love for you to help me. You can get the 3d rom from the internet if you know where to look :P

Posted on 08-07-16 03:27 PM Link | #75825
Looks pretty good. :)
I've once taken a look at the level editor, but it's a pain to use.

Youtube | Github | Neo Mario Galaxy | Super Mario Galaxy & Super Mario 3D Land Modding

Posted on 08-07-16 03:29 PM Link | #75826
Why is it a pain to use. Check the new update it is absoulutely amazing! A lot easier than galaxy

Posted on 08-07-16 03:33 PM Link | #75827
Looks great! Can't wait to see more work! :)

Posted on 08-07-16 03:38 PM Link | #75828
The controls are really terrible. They are too sensitive and zooming sometimes stops and will fuck up everything. Also, rendering really needs to be improved. I can't work with that editor if this doesn't get improved in the next versions.

Youtube | Github | Neo Mario Galaxy | Super Mario Galaxy & Super Mario 3D Land Modding

Posted on 08-07-16 03:44 PM Link | #75829
Did you check out the newest version 0.5 ? I recommend you do it. There is nothing wrong witht the controls, I believe they are better than whitehole. :-) Check out 0.5

Posted on 08-07-16 03:49 PM Link | #75830
Stop telling me to check out v0.5. I tested that one and I think the controls are bad. It's hard for me to create a level with the editor.
And for some reason I have to close the editor when I want to select another level.

Youtube | Github | Neo Mario Galaxy | Super Mario Galaxy & Super Mario 3D Land Modding

Posted on 08-07-16 03:49 PM Link | #75831
I just got 0.5 and the romfs/exefs. Might be able to make a few levels. BTW, I sent you a pm, mustafa.

Posted on 08-08-16 08:54 AM (rev. 2 of 08-08-16 09:37 AM) Link | #75861
I find 4Dimension is a really cool editor. Drag and drop and all these things, like copying and pasting the coordinates. Also i like the option to move an object every 100 coordinates, that makes it REALLY REALLY faster to place objects correctly. These are things, that are missing in whitehole yet. It's a pain for me to placing objects in whitehole :/
There is only one thing i don't like in 4D: The 3d view. The objects are exported as an obj file, but i think that will be improved soon. 4Dimension is also a few months old.

Posted on 08-08-16 11:31 AM Link | #75862
Excactly, placing objects in whitehole was a pain in the ass.

Also when you click on an object then pres space to zoom over to the object. Check the help button it will tell you everything.

Posted on 08-08-16 01:15 PM (rev. 2 of 08-08-16 01:15 PM) Link | #75864
I have been using 4Dimension recently, and while it's nifty, I still kind of like Whitehole better for these reasons

-Whitehole renders stuff better, almost nothing is rendered correctly in the 4th Dimension, yet Whitehole is able to view shaders and all that.

-The 3D view is generally not as good as Whitehole. The controls are slippery and the camera is buggy.

-You can't change objects to other objects. This is a feature that you never knew you would miss until you don't have it anymore.

-You cant place new objects wherever you want, it's always 0,0,0. By far the worst problem, it just makes it a lot more time consuming to make levels when it doesn't need to be that way.

Posted on 08-08-16 02:44 PM Link | #75866
-You can, but the render isn't changed instantly (reloading needs to be triggered by certain actions)
-This is a pain indeed.

Posted on 08-08-16 02:46 PM (rev. 2 of 08-08-16 02:47 PM) Link | #75867
what I do is i right click and copy the position of an object then i insert new object and paste the new position. Very quick.

Also you can change objects to other objects. Just change the name :-)
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Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - Super Mario 3d Land 1.5 [ROM HACK] New reply

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