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10-22-18 01:05 PM

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Baby Luigi
Posted on 12-25-17 02:02 PM Link | #92501
The Big Bang wasn't the creation of the universe though. It was a massive, rapid expansion from a short period of time.

Posted on 12-25-17 02:30 PM Link | #92502
I also don't get how the "something-from-nothing" argument is somehow used as proof that God must exist, like God always having existed is no less problematic than matter and energy always having existed.

Posted on 12-26-17 01:26 PM Link | #92514
What's even funnier is that "something from nothing" is one of the most common and basic things in quantum mechanics :P Each second kazillions of 'virtual particles' are created from nothing and die in the nothing. And that even explains Hawking radiation which basically makes black holes die one day or another. So no, something from nothing is not a problem, since 1+(-1) equals 0 :P

Posted on 12-26-17 03:28 PM Link | #92516
Posted by fiver
I don't believe in the big bang theory, though, because of the Law of the Conservation of Matter. shit doesn't just appear like that in the name of science.

Think about this, though, don't you think the experts would've already rejected the Big Bang faster than you can say, "Pluto is not a planet" if it were this obviously flawed? The Big Bang relates to the sudden EXPANSION of matter, not the creation of it. As Brian Greene puts it, "The Big Bang is a theory … that delineates cosmic evolution from a split second after whatever happened to bring the universe into existence, but it says nothing at all about time zero itself. "

Posted on 12-26-17 03:45 PM Link | #92518
GalacticPirate Yeah but isn't it funny that there is way more matter than antimatter in the universe. Virtual particles always come in particle-antiparticle pairs as far as i know. I mean where did all this matter come from and where's the corresponding antimatter that should have formed in the big bang? We seriously need some kind of god Quantum Gravity Theory to explain that.

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Posted on 01-07-18 02:32 PM Link | #92707
We have to call a second Einstein now. Who is willing to do that ?

Mathematics, and sciences in globality are vulgarizations of the physical world. So it is a matter of how you understand them, because yes there aren't one way of thinking.
And remember that we don't know everything yet, and we will not know. This is the puzzle of the universe, and big bang is a part of where there are still unknown factors.

"I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft." -Bill Gates

Posted on 01-13-18 02:30 PM Link | #92809
Posted by StarPants
I mean where did all this matter come from and where's the corresponding antimatter that should have formed in the big bang? We seriously need some kind of god Quantum Gravity Theory to explain that.

The common retort to "where did this all come from" is usually the question "what's north of the North Pole?" since it's not really a question that can be answered.

Posted on 01-13-18 06:43 PM Link | #92812
Yeah that option where time before the Big Bang is simply undefined can be true, but there are many self-consistent (but unproven) theories saying that the Big Bang has happened several, maybe infinite times. (One of those theories is called the Big Bounce theory and it's supported by the Loop Quantum Gravity Theory which, in my opinion, is much more promising theory than the hyped String Theory.)

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Posted on 01-19-18 07:45 AM Link | #92873
I follow Islam because it makes the most sense. God (or allah) is the most powerful, the greatest. One reason I'll never get into christianity is because they believe jesus is the son of god, which is an offence to god because god is the greatest, he is nowhere equal to a human. God has no family, wife brother sister or anything. God is just one

Posted on 01-19-18 10:58 AM Link | #92875
Monotheism makes the most sense? Polytheism is much more balanced.

Posted on 01-19-18 04:36 PM Link | #92890
I had a dilemma over posting in this thread until I was like why the heck not, go for it.

I am a hardcore atheist. Religion is a dangerous ideology that has rarely brought anything good to humanity. Case in point: Crusades and Jihad. I could go on forever about every single religion including Jainism (which is way too peaceful to be productive).

I don't really believe in the paranormal and the supernatural although I am fascinated by it. I have lately been listening to and reading a few creepypastas along with supposedly true stories here and there. (I recommend the subreddits r/creepypasta, r/letsnotmeet, r/nosleep, and r/paranormal.) But I do stay away from Ouija boards just in case. I have experienced a few unexplained occurences before, namely random noises, but I do not even consider it to be "demons" or "ghosts" or "magical sky genie".

Face it, kids. Santa is fake. The real Santa died over a thousand years ago.

Posted on 01-19-18 05:43 PM Link | #92895
Why do you stay away from Ouija boards? They're just a bunch of cardboard and wood or whatever material it's made from. I don't believe in spirits or any sort of paranormal. That's the stuff of fiction and the scientific method can never ever detect them. Through Occam's Razor, they don't exist.

"unexplained occurrences" could be hallucinations (perceiving things that aren't there), your bad memory, and so on

Posted on 01-19-18 06:17 PM Link | #92898
Religion is indeed very problematic.

Posted on 01-19-18 07:05 PM Link | #92899
Yeah, I think the noises and other stuff were probably just wood adjusting to temperature or some animal scurrying around.

As for Ouija boards, I don't know, I just get this bad feeling from even thinking about making one. Yes it's all fake but "it's all in your mind" is one helluva drug. You consciously know something is not real but your brain unconsciously screws with you.

Posted on 06-15-18 09:19 PM Link | #94709
My beliefs are human values. Respect, support each other, and being aware that society nowadays is a bit fucked up. Educate yourself as much as possible, so you have more to offer to current society standards.

Of course I know how to fight back, so fite me if u can. /jk

Anything political, religious. Those are mere tools for people. Not mines.

Also I support Open Source code (gnu so far), and I hate licensing issues that prevent you from coding proper open source code.

Posted on 06-15-18 09:51 PM Link | #94710
I don't know what you mean by "anything political is a mere tool for people". It sounds like a vague generalization that applies to everything because everything is political; you can't escape politics as it affects your life. There is nothing wrong with being in politics as it's about free exchange of ideas and exercising those ideas with authority figures.

Posted on 06-15-18 09:58 PM Link | #94711
There isn't really vague generalizations in my message so you are wrong in that.

I plain hate politics. I can follow rules according to government, I can follow society rules, but no way I am enforcing my own view through politics. Politics actually move society and thus, social behaviour. And I am against that. Free speech is what it matters.


noun: politics

the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power.

"it's about free exchange of ideas and exercising those ideas with authority figures."
free speech/Communication and politics all together? No way.

Posted on 06-15-18 10:06 PM (rev. 2 of 06-15-18 10:07 PM) Link | #94714
"Politics actually move society and thus, social behavior". That's the entire point of it. People see problems in their society and try to create and enforce new rules and also elect representatives who are in the position to accomplish this. And politics and free speech aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, politics work best when there's an honest free exchange of ideas as well as a well-informed voter base as well as giving everyone an opportunity to voice their political opinion, through voting.

Politics by definition is about policy (which governs the activities associated with the governance). Global warming research, vaccine mandates, water fluoridation, car seat belts, safety regulations, label regulations, FDA and EPA imposing cleanliness standards on your food, these are all products of politics, and they're effective when they're backed by solid research (substantial research that has been successfully replicated numerous times).

You can hate it as you want, but you need to voice your opinion on things. Most people do it by voting. If you don't vote, you are in no position to complain about changes you don't like, including the repeal of things that directly affect you like net neutrality or corporations imposing gambling through lootboxes in video games you play. Even how you're using the Internet, there's politics involved in, say, how the Internet should be regulated.

Posted on 06-15-18 10:07 PM Link | #94715
Did I say idgaf about politics?

Posted on 06-15-18 10:10 PM Link | #94717
"Free speech is what it matters."

the thing you champion so much is a product of politics too by the way

you can not give two shits about it, but you know, the very things you hate like "licensing issues that prevent you from coding proper open source code", licensing issues, where do you think those licensing restrictions come from??

don't complain if you don't care
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