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01-17-18 03:05 PM

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Posted on 09-04-17 01:09 PM Link | #87803
Super Mario Land

SML remake have to be on GBA. GBA is easily console what's 'patching' GB classic with SNES and 16:10 (?) screen. It's one and only reason.

Secondly, New Super Mario Bros. It have to be 1:1 remake, not Wii-like continuation

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Posted on 09-04-17 08:36 PM Link | #87820
Sonic Mania.

a Mario Sunshine remake would be pretty interesting to see if they added more characters in. You can do just about anything from there.

IMO old Mario Karts don't need remakes. Not only the tracks are way too similar for newer games, but they're already reusing most good tracks later in the series.
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Posted on 09-04-17 09:43 PM Link | #87828
I think if the original paper Mario looked like Color splash and had the same style of dialogue it would be the perfect game

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Posted on 01-17-18 10:33 AM Link | #92851
Posted by MercuryPenny
earthbound could use a makeover to make it more balanced and the early game less tedious, just to round out the whole experience

i think mother 3 would be cooler concidering it hasn't been released (offically) in the us and europe.

Posted on 01-17-18 10:55 AM Link | #92852
Posted by MK7tester
They already got remakes. One is called "New Super Mario Bros. 2" and the other is called "New Super Mario Bros. U"

Errrrr... Nope.
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Main - Gaming - Games That Need Remakes/Makeovers New reply

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