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09-21-18 09:08 PM

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Posted on 05-06-16 09:54 PM Link | #70526
idiots are all around the world, but some of them stand out and deserve a special mention

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 05-08-16 02:28 PM Link | #70578
Wish we could give special attention to the smart people instead. >_>

Posted on 05-08-16 02:35 PM Link | #70583
special attention goes to the people who do special things, regardless of their intelligence

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 05-08-16 03:53 PM Link | #70593
So, was he always like this?

Ever since he joined this board, he must've known about RVLution and checked out the drama there at least. Did he jump on the bandwagon on claiming Staple as a dictator but only decided to reveal the truth just now?


Posted on 05-08-16 07:21 PM Link | #70599
honestly I didn't expect that, it's pretty much a U-turn

I had sent him a warning about his derpness and thought it was okay, but he got butthurt over it

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 05-12-16 06:31 AM Link | #70683
I thought GreenThunder would at least learn his lesson after his ban, but nope! He just gets banned once again.

I think the worst thing a user could do is make a rereg. Maybe you call the police on him? It'll stop him making reregs and trying to harass you or something. I'm not a board owner so I really don't know much about that attempt.

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Posted on 05-12-16 08:29 AM Link | #70684
Posted by newsuperhackboys
Maybe you call the police on him?

this made my day

Then again, by that you probably mean to report him to his ISP.

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kinda addicted to team fortress 2 now whoopee

Baby Luigi
Posted on 05-12-16 01:46 PM Link | #70686
I'm not sure if ISPs can do anything to people being dumbasses in internet forums
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Main - Glass trash - GreenThunder1337 is in love with Kuribo64 New reply

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