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01-16-18 02:09 PM

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Posted on 10-02-17 04:14 AM Link | #89809
Cool, another transgender here! ^^

I'm bisexual, although I think I have a very slight preference to feminine males. :)

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Posted on 10-02-17 10:58 AM Link | #89824
regarding sex, keep in mind that there's a lot more to it than just shoving your penis in a hole, so don't stress about it

in my case, I think I actually prefer guys.

you know that feel where you see a person and feel that you want to cuddle them and kiss them and all?

I get it regularly with guys, but almost never with girls

I'd still be fine with going out with a girl tho. but regardless of the person's gender, it mostly depends on the connection you build with that person.

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Posted on 10-02-17 07:38 PM Link | #89888
Posted by Belsaw
As for me I'm gay and male but I don't rely on gender or sex as a primary or even secondary characteristic (hence my use of "N/A" gender). I don't know what an "I don't care" gender is exactly called though.

I'm also a virgin but that doesn't bother me. I don't understand why some people are all like "LOLWUT LET'S HAVE SEXXXXX". Same goes for partying in the US where it's sometimes like "LOLWUT LET's GET DRUNKKKKKK"

Posted on 10-03-17 02:35 AM Link | #89912
It's because they might do it to look cool or think it is the best thing in life when it really isn't.

Posted on 10-09-17 10:53 PM Link | #90233

I'm asexual biromantic, but I'm mostly heterosexual, as I'm not as attracted to guys as I am to girls.


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Posted on 12-02-17 02:43 AM (rev. 2 of 12-02-17 02:44 AM) Link | #91593
Bisexuality can come in different balances, you know :)
Also, seems my particular traits are that I'm attracted through someone having a cute personality, especially in the case of males.

Posted on 12-02-17 08:05 PM Link | #91613
well, i'm... mostly gay.

guys are cute. I like them.

i'm probably a bit bi though, since I've seen a few different cases of girls I've found pretty

but yeah, mostly guys.
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Main - Serious discussion - What's your sexuality? New reply

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