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09-22-21 12:39 AM

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Posted on 04-15-16 08:44 PM Link | #69770
Okay, so since my favorite Featherland post on NSMBHD is "Continue This Story!", I felt like Kurbio needs one too.

So the game goes like this. I start the story, you continue it by making a post.

Once Upon a Time in Kurbio64, there was an awesome guy named "StapleButter".

Now you should continue!

Ugh, forget post layouts.

Posted on 04-15-16 11:39 PM (rev. 3 of 04-15-16 11:42 PM) Link | #69775
I'll give it a shot cus why not. Blarg.

StapleButter (formerly MegaMario) had a diabolical plan to turn all of Kuribo64 into a land of waffles and rainbows with the help of his evil assistant, Dr. Rean.

Dr. Rean had developed the Blarginator; a doomsday device powered by the mystical Banhammer that will assist the evil StapleButter, and with it, bring about the ancient prophecy "Blargmageddon".

Kuribo64 / NSMBHD / MMM

NNID: GreenThunder1337
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Posted on 04-15-16 11:53 PM Link | #69776
Then, shit got real.

And this thread was created.

Posted on 04-16-16 12:29 PM Link | #69785
Then GreenThunder got banned from StapleButter for calling him evil.

But GreenThunder had a plan. He would team up with Cackletta and SKJmin to unban all of the users. And become moderators and ban StapleButter!

So when Staple heard this,

Ugh, forget post layouts.

Posted on 04-16-16 01:31 PM Link | #69786
He found an old banana in his closet that could divide by the square route of 0.

MKDS Hacking & Modding Discord:

Posted on 04-16-16 04:00 PM Link | #69788
Then StapleButter ate the banana afterwards. It turns out that the banana was made of alcohol and made Staple drunk. In his dream he finds himself in front Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64 DS.

Then a Toad came and smacked him. Then,

Ugh, forget post layouts.

Posted on 04-27-16 02:07 AM Link | #70057
The smack was so hard that Staple was knocked out. When he wakes up, he's in some sort of hospital. A toad that works there tells him that he was in a coma for a year. He exits the hospital in confusion, only to realize that Toad Town is falling apart from a gigantic hurricane.

Staple tries to wake himself up to continue to control the residents of Kuribo land, when...

A nobody.

Posted on 04-27-16 02:12 AM (rev. 2 of 04-27-16 02:12 AM) Link | #70058
Miyamoto comes out of nowhere with a Time Machine, and takes Staple back to the year 2011, and they have a nice Tea Party on the way there.

MKDS Hacking & Modding Discord:

Posted on 04-27-16 07:33 PM Link | #70068
But it turned out that the tea was in fact coffee so Staple became mad and accidentally push the button for the year...

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

Posted on 04-29-16 08:10 AM (rev. 2 of 04-29-16 08:12 AM) Link | #70090
"and accidentally push the button for the year"
to come to the end. But because of this Pokemon Sun and moon is never released...

Posted on 04-29-16 09:03 PM Link | #70118
As a result, a Mario Party that makes everyone hate each other is back.

Yay? And then...

still i remember that rainy september
discord: salty#1212
photobucke­t ;)

Posted on 04-29-16 09:05 PM Link | #70119
It turns out every Mario Party game ever had the IOSU exploit in it's games files but was encrypted with Butter Encryption and Had to be decrypted with staple decrypter.
GBATemp goes crazy and....

Posted on 04-29-16 09:46 PM Link | #70124
spits coffee. It's cafe virus all over again!

so StapleButter was tired of the drama and decided to close the board.

But before he could do that, he was mocked by xKitten, getting called by the name SpatleBurret! Staple was not pleased. Then he decided to..

Posted on 04-29-16 09:50 PM Link | #70126
DESTROY THE WORLD, He made a emulator called BlahWW3 (Blah World War 3) whcihc emulated world war 3 in the real world. Kuribo64 Member's arent pleased and....

Posted on 04-29-16 09:52 PM Link | #70128
decide to DDOS the crap out of the board.

and even worse


Posted on 04-29-16 09:54 PM Link | #70129
But then, GBATemp members found Kuribo64 and started shit posting every second of the day. Elyos comes to the rescue and makes an anti GBASpam bot that prevents them from making accounts....

Posted on 04-29-16 09:57 PM Link | #70130
and then, suddenly, a wild JIGGLYPUFF appeared! StapleButter had a secret fear of wild pokemon, even cute little pink ones, so he took off running. Somehow, someone else took over the board while he was hiding under a rock...

Posted on 04-29-16 09:58 PM (rev. 3 of 04-29-16 09:59 PM) Link | #70131
Meanwhile, the bot could not handle the amount of spam and noobs coming from GBATemp.
The bot exploded, creating a black hole in Kuribo64.

Starland tried to become the new overlord, but he got sucked into the black hole.

Website | Twitter

Posted on 04-29-16 10:01 PM Link | #70132
And then, everyone one in the Kuribo kingdom fled to RVLution. Then they forgot Staple had admin there, and they all got their wifi passwords stolen. Staple even posted their IPs on GitHub! This made the users so mad that..

Posted on 04-29-16 10:10 PM Link | #70133
But it turned out one person stayed behind at Kuribo64 and was hiding. It was none other then the creator of the bot to protect spamers. He wanted to fix it. He fixes it and fixes the black hole....
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