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03-29-20 01:43 AM

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Posted on 05-05-17 05:48 PM (rev. 3 of 05-05-17 05:52 PM) Link | #82860

Here a recentish image of me:


<RicBent> let me win this last race pls
<RicBent> or i will lick the cardridge
<RicBent> sigh
<RicBent> no
<StapleButter> lick the cart pls

Reslulted into this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ksqmjkxuq3hnabw/Foto%2005.05.17%2023%2026%2055.jpg?dl=0

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Posted on 07-04-17 07:11 PM Link | #84313
not that dumb actually compared to the old-timers blowing into their NES carts


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(post deleted) #84352

(post deleted) #84369

Posted on 07-07-17 01:41 AM Link | #84377
bow down to one of my dogs (that sadly died, but let's not go there)


discord: salty#1212

Posted on 08-10-17 08:39 PM Link | #86010
Here's a crappy picture that I took of myself today.


Posted on 10-02-17 04:25 AM Link | #89810
You look pretty good Nadia! Hope everything's going okay for you. ^^

Posted on 11-09-17 05:20 PM (rev. 2 of 11-09-17 05:21 PM) Link | #91047
Posted by SuperML
I also have a Goomba, but I can't find it :P

Guess what?
I finally found him! He was sitting in the corner of my closet. He's very happy to be back with his friends :)

also hand reveal


"To feel sadness is to live, but as long as you are alive, the future is a blank page." -Merlon, 2007

Posted on 12-27-17 12:59 AM Link | #92527
Ah-, we're doing selfies? I have one of myself, but considering I don't own
a camera, it was taken from a webcam... of which has awful, awful image quality.
Well, here I am!


Young people always run forth bravely, in order to seek out as yet unseen things.
Adults run forth in a wandering fashion, in order to seek out what they've lost.
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Posted on 12-27-17 07:27 AM Link | #92530
Well, here is me, waiting at the bus stop in the cold last night, just to go get some steaks and other stuff from the store with my stepdad, who was on the bus I was waiting for.


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Posted on 01-02-18 06:34 PM Link | #92657
Top-secret photo of my goose plushie, Olympia

Posted on 01-02-18 06:38 PM Link | #92658
that's a very nice goose

discord: salty#1212

Posted on 07-08-18 07:59 PM Link | #94970
Ijah's Post

I am not dead nor am I robot, here's proof..!

Posted on 07-08-18 08:23 PM Link | #94971
they make such handsome robots nowadays.
[17:45:16] IceFairyAmy: i don't want a girlfriend tbh, it'd be a waste of time
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Posted on 07-08-18 10:11 PM Link | #94973
you remind me of Dirbaio

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 07-12-18 02:00 AM Link | #95017
Ijah looks cute, and yea he does look like dirbs ^.^;;

Posted on 04-15-19 03:41 AM Link | #97597
ladies and gamers, have an image of me after yesterday's haircut

[i dont understand
discord: Sevvy#4212, twitter: @Sevvyuwu
add me if you want, kinda shy tho

Posted on 04-18-19 09:42 PM Link | #97628
your image is broken on my side

Posted on 06-01-19 12:33 AM Link | #97789
Me in a maid costume on Halloween 2017.

Me on Friday, May 10 of this year before I chemically burned my hands with Magic hair removal the following day but that’s another story (seriously, please avoid chemical hair removal).

Weren soll von dir a blintze.

Posted on 01-25-20 11:54 PM Link | #98464
why not

i really don't like how i look in images, but i'm actually pretty happy with how i look in videos, so this is a 4x6 pixel video of me. enjoy

(but seriously, apologies for the shitty camera)

hat's off to you, kuribo64. we all had one hell of a--wait, we can stay?
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