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05-24-19 03:44 PM

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Posted on 08-08-17 07:46 PM Link | #85900
that's why you use adblock to block the adblock block

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Posted on 08-08-17 09:28 PM Link | #85902
Ublock works for now. I've done it to clear the "fuck you, stop using adblock" notices that prevent me from reading the pages.

Posted on 08-08-17 09:30 PM Link | #85903
>kissanime tells me to screw off because i blocked their ads

you're an illegal site, why do i need to support you further

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Posted on 08-08-17 09:32 PM Link | #85904
Pot, meet kettle.

Posted on 08-14-17 01:36 PM (rev. 3 of 08-14-17 01:43 PM) Link | #86309
I have a Mac and (IDK if in USA too) if I don't use Opera's integrated browser, it spams tons and tons of annoying ads, and many times they are MacKeeper's

You'll never get me b**ches ad companies
Last Friday it blocked 318'232 ads in one site (shorte.st).


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Posted on 08-14-17 02:49 PM Link | #86315
are you sure you just don't have adware installed?

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Posted on 08-14-17 02:51 PM Link | #86316
Posted by salty
except good luck with the



was never completed tho, might use some "actual" content and ads

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Posted on 08-14-17 03:27 PM Link | #86320
Posted by StapleButter


I just want you to know

That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

hat's off to you, kuribo64. we all had one hell of a--wait, we can stay?

Posted on 08-14-17 04:24 PM Link | #86331
can't wait for forbes and every site like it to get butthurt about it

"we need it cause we need money!"

i can understand if you need money and place a few ads here and there, but when it LAGS a decent pc and impacts the way you read an article, you're fucking up

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Posted on 08-15-17 08:05 AM Link | #86440
And I think that excuse only works for high-profile sites. For a while NSMBHD had ads and the revenue was ridiculous.

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Posted on 08-16-17 05:59 AM Link | #86561
All media in France basically started to block access to ad blocker users since several months "omgz we need ads!!!!11!!"

Posted on 08-23-17 07:05 AM Link | #87020

This is not stupid. This is art.

Posted on 08-23-17 07:32 AM Link | #87024
Agreed xD.
They are advertising Yoshi's Wooly World, and also your user profile. :)

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Posted on 08-31-17 09:27 AM Link | #87537
KLayout 4.0
Kind of a (relatively) old ad, but I distinctibly remember the reason I started using ad blockers.

One day, crapobucket (surprise surprise) started serving ads which either looked like those fake "OMG YOU WON!11!!" popup windows or instantly redirected to a PUP download page before the page fully loaded.

I think I still have images of that on my crapobucket account.
You may or may not be able to recognize where I stole this grid background from.

Posted on 04-06-18 05:04 PM Link | #93965
Voice Control ads:
Shows a speech operated machine like Alexa that can play music in multiable rooms, play games, drumroll, turn lights on, etc. I mean, I guess it's cool to have a device that does stuff you tell it. Downside is, it assumes what you say instead of actually knowning what you did say.
YouTube ads:
Ads that last 5 seconds. Usually, the time you hit skip an on a add. And lets not forget the ones that communicate to you that your video will start playing. It teases you especially sense it looks like the skip add button. Don't get me started on 1/2 ads ads.
Ads that advertise lets plays:
What product are you advertising? Your channel? How is it an product? A product is someting you buy, not something you can watch for free.
Heropants Ad:

Advertising a licesend game based off of Sponge Out of Water which has nothing do with the actual movie. A game that takes place after the movie deal. What a surprise.
Posted by Bubbles
Someone is using the last page from a magic book to make weird things happen. Like, this!

Shows SpongeBob characters becoming superheroes. Why wouldn't it have made more sense to tell them that it causes you to get weird superpowers? Also, Sandy's "transformation" is terrifying. End with a crappy joke. Typical for medicore to terrible licesend games commercials.
League of Legends Ads:
Do you want to play some video games? I haven't seen the sun in years!

Some thing to get teenagers excited. OMG Cute animation! Super funny lol
Mcdonalds Ad:
Tells you that the food there is acutally healthy. No joke, I got one when I was like 10 and it told me that it was healthy food. I can tell you that is a complete lie. What Mcdonalds actually serves you is food made in a factory that has corn syrup placed in and the Chicken Nuggets before they become chicken nuggets are disgusting.

Ugh, forget post layouts.

Posted on 04-06-18 05:48 PM Link | #93968

This Super Mario Run commercial is dumb. It drags on for a little too long. I'm not fond of commercials that try hooking you in with random unrelated crap only for the last second to give you what it's really all about. They usually end up being very forgettable. Not to mention, this commercial says NOTHING about the game and doesn't even show gameplay footage.

What Mcdonalds actually serves you is food made in a factory that has corn syrup placed in and the Chicken Nuggets before they become chicken nuggets are disgusting.

eh, food is food


Baby Luigi
Posted on 04-13-18 05:21 PM Link | #94052
Some years from now, we'll probably be eating lab-grown meat anyway *shrugs*

Posted on 04-14-18 08:54 AM (rev. 2 of 04-14-18 08:55 AM) Link | #94058
Posted by StapleButter

was never completed tho, might use some "actual" content and ads

wow awesome website, I gave my mail address instantly!

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Baby Luigi
Posted on 04-22-18 03:32 PM Link | #94152
Posted months ago but I don't care, I lol'd at that. Typical StapleButter wording, I'm always a fan of.

Posted on 05-08-18 12:59 AM Link | #94256

Mobile ads are worse than any. It's either game ads that you're forced to play to use a basic image editor on iOS, or otherwise just a mobile webpage with crippled JavaScript.

I'm more concerned about the Google cookie tracking through these ads across the internet, but it's still a nuisance regardless

As for blocking ads on a web browser, I recommend uBlock Origin over anything else, unless you want to be petty and use AdNauseum to bamboozle Google. Most of the other blockers at this time are bloated or are making deals with the advertisers.

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