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02-24-20 01:30 PM

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Main - General SM64DS hacking - Custom behaviour? New reply

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Posted on 03-15-16 03:27 PM Link | #68637
You could use it to change the animation but it doesn't actually change the action being performed. You need to be careful though as the game will sometimes check what the currently playing or last played animation was and use that as part of some logic.

You don't need to use cheats, just download a 100% complete SAV file from here and use this site to convert to .sav format. Rename it to the same name as your SM64DS ROM (replacing .nds with .sav) and put it in the "BATTERY" folder of no$gba.

Also, please don't double post so close together, you should edit your last post.

Posted on 03-15-16 03:48 PM (rev. 6 of 03-16-16 12:43 PM) Link | #68638
Ok, I will from now on.

Also in there anyway to play an action based on the animation? (Ex. If the b button is pressed while the current animation is a long jump, mario will spin jump)

I know the check is possible, from studying the hover example, but im curious how to play the action and not just change the animation.
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Main - General SM64DS hacking - Custom behaviour? New reply

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