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07-05-20 03:27 AM

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Posted on 04-25-17 04:52 PM Link | #82733
Oh, I forgot to link it, my bad, I'll get the files uploaded and have the link here soon.

Posted on 04-25-17 06:54 PM Link | #82741
I was able to find a fix so i guess i don't need to link the level.

Posted on 04-25-17 10:27 PM Link | #82747
Try to avoid double posts. Just edit your previous one, it will still have a notification.


Posted on 04-26-17 06:44 AM Link | #82754
Posted by shibboleet
Try to avoid double posts. Just edit your previous one, it will still have a notification.

Oh sorry, I'll make sure to do that in the future.

Posted on 05-08-17 09:01 PM Link | #82900
In one of my levels, you can't swim in the water, it's visible, but you can't swim in it, ig you go in a pipe and come back, it works, any ideas as to what i can do? I already tried replacing the sprite.

HD Erick Games
Posted on 08-05-17 01:19 AM (rev. 2 of 08-05-17 01:32 AM) Link | #85730
Where is the location of the sound effect that plays when there are just 100 seconds left?

And is it possible to edit musics in the bbid list?

Posted on 08-06-17 07:09 AM Link | #85778

I think this is what you need for sound effects: https://www.3dshack.org/forum.php?page=thread&tid=366&pid=2963

No idea about bbid files.

GitHub - YouTube - NSMBHD

Hüseyin der Mächtige
Posted on 08-07-17 12:44 PM Link | #85850
soundtracks are .bcstm

and bbid files are the dancing points of enemies.

I'm lazy.

Posted on 01-17-18 09:19 AM Link | #92847
everytime when i want to load up a level the program crashes. how can i fix this

i would love the have a post layout. but i suck at coding. so i guess this text is my post layout or something.

Fruity Dee
Posted on 03-28-18 03:56 PM Link | #93833
What does "KoopaLastFire" do?

I tend to scrap ideas a lot.

Posted on 03-30-18 12:19 PM Link | #93866

It is spawned by the final bowser when he breaths fire, it dosn't do anything on it's own.

Posted on 04-18-18 11:07 PM Link | #94124
Hello, I want to make a level with auto scrolling. I put the green path, the auto scrolling control and the event controller in the level, but when I test the level the screen doesn't move. I've been checking other levels with auto scrolling and I realized that aside of put the path ID number and the triggering event ID, I need to fill the "unkown values" thing, but I don´t know what the unknow values ID are and which should I fill.Can someone please explain me how to do an autoscrolling level and what the unknow values are?

Posted on 04-24-18 08:57 AM Link | #94178
have you seen the latest sprite data for it?: http://kuribo64.net/nsmb2/spriteDB2.php
if that doesn't help, you'll just have to work out the unknown values yourself by experimenting - that's how they are documented in the first place.

Posted on 05-19-18 09:01 AM (rev. 2 of 05-19-18 09:39 AM) Link | #94362
I feel like a noob for asking, but how do i do sub-level bonus areas? (going into a pipe from overworld and going to underground)

nevermind, found the area selector

Posted on 06-30-18 10:43 AM Link | #94886

This level crashes when I attempt to travel to Area 2 via a vine in Area 1. Any fixes or help? Thanks.

Posted on 10-11-18 10:46 PM Link | #96150
Hey, since my 3ds is broken is it possible to play and make mods with citra?
Like is there something like the NewerDolphin?

Posted on 10-12-18 06:15 AM (rev. 2 of 10-12-18 06:15 AM) Link | #96151

Requires asm hacks though.

GitHub - YouTube - NSMBHD
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