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04-09-20 08:00 PM

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Windows API or Qt
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Posted on 07-23-15 10:34 PM Link | #62542
I'm currently learning C++, and I know the basics, but I can't decide how to implement a gui into my programs. After doing some research, I found out that I have 2 options: use the windows API (I currently use Windows) or use a cross-platform toolkit like Qt.

I'm leaning towards Qt because I've heard that Windows API is a pain to work with, and I want my programs to be cross-platform. However, It seems like it will take quite a bit of learning to use :/

I'm making this thread to ask which one is optimal for making hacking tools so that I don't have to waste time learning something that I won't use.

Thanks for reading this!

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Posted on 07-24-15 04:11 AM (rev. 2 of 07-24-15 04:14 AM) Link | #62546
I do very little with C++, but in Python I love Qt. I think it also depends on the kind of gui you want to make.

Posted on 08-16-15 03:09 AM Link | #63245
I'm currently trying to get a hang of Qt stuff.
I like the way how it's Cross Platform, and looks nice.

I used to do Visual Studio's C++ before, it's nice for Game Development, but for Windows Apps, I kept switching to C# there.
You can clearly see how Microsoft does anything to keep you away from C++, in Visual Studio.

Posted on 08-28-15 03:22 PM Link | #63712
Just trying wxWidgets.
You'll get some good results with it.

Posted on 08-28-15 03:25 PM Link | #63713
For basic stuff, yeah. wxWidgets was visibly based off the Windows API and adapted to the rest. There are some inconsistencies that come from using native widgets, too.

Qt is nice, you should give it a try. Provides all sorts of things.

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Main - Computers and technology - C++ GUI help New reply

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