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12-09-18 10:55 PM

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Posted on 11-05-16 01:24 AM Link | #79495
When you say "Make Kuribo64 great again," how do you intent to make it great and why is it not already great?

A nobody.

Posted on 11-05-16 09:25 AM Link | #79496
I don't quite remember my reasoning when I wrote that, but Kuribo64 is a shell of its former self. A lot of the original members are gone, and there isn't really anything going on on this board anymore, except for some CoinKiller progress.


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Posted on 11-05-16 10:44 AM Link | #79497
I don't entirely agree with that though. Kurib64 isn't what it was in 2012, sure. Things are changing, Kuribo64 is changing too.

It may not be a superactive ROM hacking place, it may have trouble finding itself, but atleast, it's trying. We would be entirely and completely dead if we just stuck to SMG hacking, because the sad truth about it is that noone cares. SMG2.5 pretty much grouped the few people who cared, the terrible management of the early days caused the best people to leave, and in the end, SMG2.5 was doomed to fail.

So, what else can we try? SM64DS does have some activity (it's also 'our' historic legacy but the Kuribo64 of that time was very different) but it's not very active or popular. NSMB2 is in the same situation.

ROM hacking in general isn't terribly popular these days. I mean, what are the big things these days? Smash mods? Mario Kart tracks? Also, the increasing quality of videogame assets means it's also getting harder to make mods that don't look like shit. The entry barrier leaves more and more people out -- the ROM hacking scenes are mostly comprised of people who just want to have fun with some romhaxing.

What else do we have? Homebrew? It's not too popular either these days. Emulation? Indie/amateur game dev?

Or just, you know general discussion. People are free to post about whatever. But, well, they don't.

Looking at the Acmlm's Board archives, it was like there was a real community there, people being friendly, talking about whatever, chatting together happily, etc... I make threads, trying to incite that, but in the end, all it does is turn the board into my personal rant space, and scream "StapleButter is a nolife".

So, what else can we do? "Making Kuribo64 great again" like you say is a collective effort. Okay, quite a few of the original members moved on to other things. We can't force them back. We need to welcome new members and make them part of the new community. As much as SMG2.5 was what tied the previous community together, we need to find ways to unite a new community.

This is collective, not just the work of the board owner. If you just sit there waiting for Kuribo64 to magically "become great again", not much will happen.

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Main - Relaxland - Ask Tahcryon! (one post here is one step against capitalism) New reply

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