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09-20-20 05:59 AM

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Posted on 07-12-16 10:59 AM Link | #73422
I don't understand why anyone would use that instead of the Kuribo64 Armor, which is cheaper. At least look at the other items to get a feel of how good the item should be.


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Posted on 07-12-16 11:05 AM Link | #73423
Doesn't matter.
For generic looking items I just really need a name and a proper description. Stats can be reworked along with the price.

For items that are from something else, like a game, etc. I need the item and proper description, as well as a stat suggestion regarding on how the item is where it appears.

[image] [image]

Posted on 07-12-16 11:11 AM Link | #73424
i'm idiotic, I didn't even look to see that that's already there. sorry :P

Posted on 07-12-16 12:39 PM Link | #73426
Posted by xkitten

hey dude, if your right to delete your posts was revoked, it doesn't mean you should go around it by editing them out

anyway, now you can't edit anymore. Hopefully you'll be more careful when posting.

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Main - General Chat - Stuff for The Item Shop New reply

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