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10-26-20 06:17 AM

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Posted on 03-11-15 07:20 PM (rev. 3 of 07-10-15 10:05 PM) Link | #57438
Here's the filesystem layout, the Levels use the sarc format like NSMB2, and all of the models and levels are inside szs files, which can be extracted by using sarc extract. There's a folder called RDashRes that's in nslu's content folder but not nsmbu"s.

A Reggie for the NSMBU/NLSU levels is being worked on. It can currently view levels and it has tileset support.


It can be found here:


3 full (And one beta) custom levels has been made, you can find them here:

This is the very first custom level, it doesn't have sprites unlike the other ones.

The first custom level with sprites:

A remake of Newer SMBW's 5-1 in NSMBU:

The first custom level with moving tiles:

Too many video embeds in this post!

There's a program called Cafline that let's you play modified games on the Wii u, but you have to have the game that you modified to play it.

Read about it here: http://kuribo64.net/board/thread.php?id=2084.

The models use a format called FMDL, and the textures are in a format called FTEX, these files are inside BFRES files.

The message files are in msbt format, and the music files are bfsar and bfwav, the bfwav files are inside the bfsar, and some are inside the sarc files. There's also a btsnd file called bootSound.btsnd, It's probably used for the boot sound.

When I was looking through the bfway files, I found a lot of unused nsmb ds sound effects.

The msbt files can now be edited and saved using a program called MSBT editor v0.1 that NWPlayer123 made.

The bfsar has been fully decrypted, so you can extract and play the music and sound effects.

There's a lot of files, 3,155.

This is one of the sound effects in the bfsar, it plays when Lemmy is flying his ship to the first castle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUuh5ctdMlE&feature=youtu.be.

The animations are in FSKA format.

The game also uses a format called rpx, which can be opened using a program called Wii U rpx loader.

Wii U rpx loader

You can now view the models using a program that was made. Here's the link to the program: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dfnoatoz9jpb792/FMDL_Test.zip?dl=0.

This is Lemmy's ship.

There's another file format called sharc, but I haven't found a way to view or edit them. I have only seen them inside of BFRES files.

There's also a format called gtx that seems like it's a type of texture or graphic file. It can extracted with a program called gtx extract.

Propeller was able to use it to extract a file called hatena_anime.gtx.


Here's the link:


There's also a image file called TGA that can be coverted using Photoshop, Easy2Convert TGA to JPG and Easy2Convert JPG to TGA.

The layout is the same as nsmbw.

The anim folder has BFLAN files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/569nj22ynmljtg8/layout.PNG?dl=0.

The blyt folder has BFLYT files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zkerldllh2h3xaj/layout2.PNG?dl=0.

And the timg folder has BFLIM files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/94u0tq622xl4j5i/layout3.PNG?dl=0.

A tool that converts bflim files to png has been made.

It can be downloaded here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56043942/Programs/WiiUHackingTools/bflim-0.2.py.

There are other files like BAGLENV, BAGLLMAP , BAGLDOF, SHARCFB and BFMA. I don't know what they're used for, but the bfma file seems like it's used for the virtual instruction manual.

The game also uses XML's which you can view and edit using notepad or your web browser.

The title replay files are in dat format just like in nsmbw.

There's also a video file called bootMovie.h264, but I haven't tried to play it yet.

There's a new program for extracting the BFRES files. There's also a program that's been released that extracts the gtx files, both of them can be found here:


The new tools can now extract gtx textures from bfres files.

These files were extracted from luigi's bfres file:


You can now repack szs and sarc files using two programs that was made called yaz0enc and SARCPack. Here's the links to them.

yaz0enc: http://www.amnoid.de/gc/yaz0enc.zip

A new tool has been released called uwizard, it combines all of the Wii U hacking tool and programs into one, you can find it here:


Game mods are now possible, NWPlayer123 was able to change the Piranha Plants color to blue and the Yoshi's color to purple.

Too many video embeds in this post!

SARCPack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56043942/Programs/WiiUHackingTools/SARCPack/SARCPack-0.1.exe

Here's the link to the sarc extract program:


Posted on 03-12-15 08:33 AM Link | #57459
Can't you just link to the wiki that has existed way before you started spreading these disincomplete information threads everywhere?

Also, it isn't a "Reggie for NSMBU". It is NSMBU support for Reggie Next.

Main - WiiU game hacking and emulation - New Super Mario Bros. U / New Super Luigi U Hacking New reply

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