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03-06-21 09:42 PM

0 users reading Super Mario Bros 1 Level Editor {Update!} [It's Mario Maker] [on the NES] | 1 bot

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Posted on 05-09-15 11:48 PM Link | #59676
No need to bump a 2 month old thread. You can check GameJolts for a link though.

Posted on 05-10-15 08:06 AM Link | #59698
You could also quickly update the link here. The project is interesting, there's no reason why it shouldn't get updates here :)

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Posted on 05-10-15 08:27 AM Link | #59702
Ok, I updated the link. The project hasn't gotten an update in a while (since Febuary) so I'm not sure of the current state of the project.

Posted on 04-21-17 11:59 AM (rev. 2 of 04-21-17 12:05 PM) Link | #82668
Sorry for bumping, though sonic1000 has bumped a two-month-old thread, and I am bumping a two-year-old thread.

Some bad news, alert: the download has broken again.

If anybody wants to download this, you can try this: Uploaded by me to MediaFire

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Posted on 04-21-17 02:45 PM Link | #82671
Well, it seems to work, although the grid system looks so.....off...

Super Hackio
Posted on 04-21-17 03:08 PM Link | #82673

This is a great program! I spent about a solid 1/2 hour messing around with it. :P

I might make a game with this after SMG RUN... We'll see. ;)

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Posted on 08-26-17 03:25 PM Link | #87254
Hey I really wanna try this out but the download link doesn't work for either version!

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Posted on 08-27-17 10:54 AM Link | #87273

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

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Main - General Chat - Super Mario Bros 1 Level Editor {Update!} [It's Mario Maker] [on the NES] New reply

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