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07-10-20 03:19 PM

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Posted on 01-09-15 11:43 PM Link | #54094
I have made small changes to some galaxies using WhiteHole, and I am able to run them just fine, but when I try to play the game using levels from the Super Mario Sunshine Map Pack from SMG 2.5, the game crashes upon entering the Flip-Swap Galaxy. I have no idea how to use Riivolution, previously I have just manually patched the game files. Any help?

Posted on 01-10-15 05:00 AM Link | #54097
What did you edit? The Sunshine level from SMG2.5?

Posted on 01-10-15 08:28 AM Link | #54107
There is no level from 2.5 that is Sunshine...(well there is Ricco for the demo but nobody has that but me.)


Posted on 01-10-15 10:59 AM Link | #54123
My bad, they were intended for 2.5, I just got a pack posted by Stygmax. And I edited a different galaxy, not that one. The edited one works fine.

Posted on 01-10-15 05:23 PM Link | #54147
What's your filesystem like? You should be adding the file "RedBlueExGalaxy.arc" in whatever Sunshine level folder you're using to the folder "StageData/RedBlueExGalaxy" and the "YoshiCaughtPlanet.arc" to the folder "ObjectData".

I think we'll need a bit more detail about the problem before we can help you, though. Try this and see if it works.
Status: It was really, really fun, guys - thanks for the ride!

Main - Archived forums - General SMG hacking - Custom SMG2 Level Crash New reply

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