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07-17-18 03:36 PM

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Posted on 03-06-18 01:39 AM (rev. 2 of 03-06-18 01:40 AM) Link | #93512
Posted by Swingball
But what are the two games that you have?

New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U and Super Mario 3D World, so that's really three games.

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Posted on 03-06-18 02:05 PM Link | #93517
Maybe just wait till they rerelease those games on Switch but that's just me I guess.

Posted on 03-06-18 04:03 PM Link | #93523
Have you tried playing them with cemu?

I didn't like 3D world and 3D land as much as the earlier games, not being able to move the camera freely in a 3D game is definitely not my cup of tea

NSMBU was ok but i didn't personally like the music as much as in NSMB and NSMBW

Also there are too many worlds themed around food. The devs must have been hungry or something.

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Posted on 03-06-18 05:40 PM Link | #93526
NSMBU was like Super Mario World in HD if you ask me.

And I'd rather wait for CEMU to become more publicly available than it is now.

Posted on 03-06-18 05:44 PM Link | #93527

cemu runs NSMBU just fine for quite a long time already.

And cemu won't become more public than it is now in the near future. People still throw money at them so I doubt that they will make it open source or something anytime soon.

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Posted on 03-06-18 05:56 PM Link | #93528
I mean I would rather wait until CEMU is more stable to the general public than it is now.

But NSMBU will already be on Switch's vConsole by the time that happens.

Posted on 03-06-18 06:06 PM Link | #93530

It's literally impossible to put WiiU games onto the Switch without porting them. And that is expensive.

Nintendo will probably just develop a new NSMB game for the switch. They won't let that chance to make millions slip away.

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Posted on 03-06-18 06:19 PM Link | #93531
But GC and Wii compatibility seem sensible enough. Especially considering that the Switch shares the same hardware with the Nvidia Shield TV Console and that the Nvidia Shield Console can play select Wii games in China.

And I really hope they don't make another NSMB or Mario Party game for the Switch. Those two series have seen enough releases.

Posted on 03-07-18 09:48 AM Link | #93542
topic switch but Shinedown unveiled their new album this morning :D

May 4th~~


Posted on 03-07-18 02:11 PM Link | #93550
double topic switch

Tomorrow’s Joe movies 1 and 2 are getting rereleased in Spring. :D

Posted on 03-07-18 08:39 PM (rev. 2 of 03-07-18 08:40 PM) Link | #93551
triple topic switch

why don't we start a trend

"It's just a break in, to break out!"

Posted on 03-07-18 09:22 PM Link | #93552
Now that you mentioned it...

There's a Direct coming tomorrow with news about Mario Tennis Aces and I feel as if I'm the only person genuinely excited for the game after the huge disappointment Ultra Smash was.

Anyways, anyone else feel this year is just one long sigh after the next? I don't know how to really describe it besides that oddly specific feeling but it gets my point across.

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Posted on 03-07-18 10:57 PM Link | #93554
I could care less about Mario Tennis Aces. I'd rather play Wii Sports if I'm looking for a sports game.

As for the years bit, I feel like mine are slowly on the decline year by year. :(

Posted on 03-08-18 10:19 AM Link | #93555
i actually liked ultra smash, despite that being an unpopular opinion...

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Posted on 03-08-18 04:57 PM (rev. 2 of 03-08-18 04:57 PM) Link | #93559
I like Rhythm Thief but that's probably an unpopular opinion.

Posted on 03-08-18 06:07 PM Link | #93560
Well, fucking smash.
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Posted on 03-08-18 07:23 PM Link | #93561
fell asleep before the direct happened BUT FUCK YES I NEED A SWITCH HOLY FUCK

"It's just a break in, to break out!"

Posted on 03-08-18 09:44 PM Link | #93562
Oooh...Freaking Smash Bros is getting remastered for Switch. It’s such a surprise... -_-

Seriously though, Smash is a given for Switch remastering. :P

Posted on 03-09-18 12:21 AM Link | #93563
actually, smash 4 was developed by bandai namco, while this one is apparently developed by HAL Laboratory

also there's inklings so

this smash looks like it's new

"It's just a break in, to break out!"

Posted on 03-09-18 12:23 AM Link | #93564
there was some press stuff or something confirming that it was a new game
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