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03-25-19 04:28 AM

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Posted on 04-22-18 10:12 AM Link | #94148
Posted by Swingball
But it should be an option for us to decide. Is YouTube remembering where you left off, an optional feature?

It's optional, but it's either "on for all videos" or "off for all videos". There is a page for managing watched videos in which you can delete stuff that you don't want there, but its layout is not very intuitive, much different from a browser's history page for example.

Overall I can see why it's useful (because accidentally exiting the page happens fairly oftenly) but I still prefer having it off.
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Baby Luigi
Posted on 04-22-18 03:59 PM Link | #94153
I never had too much trouble with YouTube remembering where you left off. I could do without it in song videos but most other cases, I prefer it on.

Posted on 05-22-18 08:53 PM Link | #94385
In case you thought YouTube's random testing of dumb features wasn't stupid enough...
now they have a "chat" feature for no fucking reason as if Google didn't already have enough chat apps. Who is ever going to use this

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Posted on 07-12-18 02:12 AM Link | #95022
They removed the PM function. They claimed it was barely used: unsurprising since they broke notifs for it & channel discussion this time last year

Posted on 08-09-18 08:56 PM Link | #95379
Why is it so hard to find my sister's older uploaded content? I don't recall it being so convoluted or difficult.
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Main - General Chat - Just stop trying, Google New reply

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