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02-21-19 10:41 AM

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Posted on 10-25-14 09:16 AM Link | #50135
Posted by Hiccup
WiiExplorer - Opens wii archives (and possibly ISOs)

WiiXplorer - latest version extracts files from discs
Captain Grabbin' - extracts files from discs
CleanRip - dumps iso from disc

Clever list. Changes I'd make:

WiiExplorer - Opens wii archives (ISO support NYI)

WiiXplorer - latest version extracts files from disks...sometimes
Captain Grabbin' - extracts files from disks
CleanRip - occasionally dumps ISOs from disks

Posted on 10-25-14 09:40 AM Link | #50144
This looks nice. Gonna install it once I have time to get back into Wii hacking.
Status: It was really, really fun, guys - thanks for the ride!

Posted on 10-25-14 03:01 PM (rev. 3 of 11-05-14 10:10 AM) Link | #50171
Yeah, I was gonna put a note about the inconsistency of WiiXplorer. You are right, it is not always that great.

EDIT: CleanRip probbably does fail sometimes. I do not know of a better alternative to it though.

Posted on 10-28-14 12:58 AM Link | #50355
Has anyone come across any issues or bugs? I'm not sure whether Brawl would work, since it's a dual-layer disc.

Posted on 11-02-14 06:28 AM (rev. 2 of 11-02-14 06:28 AM) Link | #50598
Captain Grabbin v0.1b is afoot! Check the first post to see the new fixes and features.

Posted on 02-18-15 12:26 AM (rev. 4 of 03-04-15 02:42 AM) Link | #56343
I'm currently working on the next update for Captain Grabbin'!
A big new feature will be support for browsing and extracting files/folders on other partitions on the disc, such as the update partition and the VC games found on the Brawl disc.

More importantly, v0.2 (next big version) will have a nice GUI that I PROMISE won't look like absolute shite.

Oh yeah, and you won't have to sit through any of that "calculating disk space" crap anymore. It turns out there's an extremely fast function in the C library called statvfs() that can do that for me.

There'll be a lot of testing to do, but soon enough Captain Grabbin' will (hopefully) be complete enough to be a true Wii app!

I apologise to anyone who has their Wii set at 60 Hz video (which should be most people),
as I have recently found out there is a horrible screen-flickering bug when there too many items on screen
for people who use 60 Hz video. Don't worry, I've already fixed this for the next version, v0.1c.

Also, I managed to get my hands on a copy of Brawl, and it crashes before it even gets to the new partition select screen,
so I'll have to investigate that first before I can release v0.1c.

After v0.1c, the next version will DEFINITELY be v0.2 (the one with the graphics),
and later on I might add support for extracting files/folders from GameCube discs as well.

Posted on 04-12-15 02:51 PM Link | #58966
I have found a bug in the code:
Whenever I try to export ANYTHING my Wii crashes a quarter of the way through.
So if you can fix this I would appreciate it and also a suggestion:
Add a button that says "export all" to export all of the files into one without having to choose separate files

Posted on 05-06-15 01:11 AM Link | #59495
Interesting that it crashes during the extraction process. Here are some questions:
1) Which version are you using?
2) Are you extracting large (>50 MB) files?
If the answer to the second question is yes, then chances are you are using an older version of Captain Grabbin. If instead you are using the latest version (v0.1b as of time of writing), then I gotta sort some shit out.

Also, in the next update, you will be able to extract entire partitions at a time, so that's pretty much an "export all" function.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, I'll get on to fixing my crappy code!

Posted on 05-23-15 10:58 AM Link | #60113
Since my last post, I have successfully added support for extracting files from different partitions, as well as fixing the issues that prevented Brawl from loading!
Now all I need to do is add an "extract all" feature, as well as fix a few additional bugs. The next update should be up in only a few days!

Whenever I try to export ANYTHING my Wii crashes a quarter of the way through.

Another potential reason this may happen is if there isn't enough space left on the USB/SD card.
More than likely, however, it'll be because there's A LOT of stuff that I still haven't fixed yet.

Posted on 05-26-15 05:56 AM Link | #60209
Add support for dumping special files like boot.dol and apploader.bin

Posted on 05-31-15 08:17 AM Link | #60465
10/10 will add that feature. I've already got support for extracting boot.dol, however I'm going to add an option to extract all of the partition stuff as well, so like boot.dol, apploader.bin, fst.bin, tmd.bin, boot.bin, etc.

More new features include checking if a file has already been extracted, better folder management, and handling the disc being ejected.

Sorry it's not released yet, I go to school and have recently discovered the importance of studying and doing homework. Probably should've figured it out before my final year!

Posted on 06-14-15 11:44 AM Link | #60985
I am using 0.1b and it seems to only crash when I export the game objects and the latest one is normally KinopioGoodsGlasses.arc (I am extracting SMG2 BTW)

Posted on 06-15-15 08:21 AM Link | #61016
Interesting. Are you using an SD Card or USB? I assume the device you're using is formatted to FAT32, since that's the only the only format that works with Captain Grabbin' (thanks libogc).

Also, how much space do you have left on your device? As you'll no doubt have noticed, the way I implemented checking space left is absolute garbage, but I've already fixed that for the next upcoming version.

What else might be wrong... hmm...
Oh! Does it crash immediately after creating a new file OR does it crash a bit later?
If it crashes as soon as it starts extracting a new file, then chances are there's something wrong with my code. On the other hand, if it crashes after half-way through that file, then it's more likely to be a problem on your end. Although it's probably still my crappy code!

Thanks for testing this though, my next update will be MUCH better than v0.1b. There'll be more features, less crashes and less bullshit. I need a bit of time, but trust me, it'll be worth it!

Posted on 06-16-15 10:34 AM Link | #61061
Fingers crossed everything goes according to plan :D

Also, I just realized that several of my past posts on this thread have been quite...blunt, so I'd like to apologize for that. I'll try to clean up my act in the future .-.

Posted on 06-16-15 12:46 PM Link | #61063
I am using a 2GB SD FAT cardand it always crashes at exactly the same point but it works just fine if I do the files individually

Posted on 06-17-15 09:37 AM Link | #61095
So it crashes if you extract the Objects folder, but it works fine if you extract every file inside Objects individually? That almost certainly means there's something wrong with my code.

However, since v0.1b, I have re-written the way extracting folders works, so this may not be a problem in the next version.

Posted on 06-17-15 11:13 AM Link | #61098
ok well when the new update comes out I will let you know if it still crashes

Posted on 06-17-15 02:51 PM Link | #61105
also you could try to make it so that if the process is interupted the first time then it can continue where you left off instead of having to delete ALL of the files and restarting the whole transfer

Posted on 06-18-15 04:31 AM Link | #61123
I've got something similar to that. It checks to see if a file or folder has already been extracted, and if so it will ask you if you want to skip that file or replace it. Naturally, I also included options for "skip all" and "replace all", so you don't get asked about it like a million times.

However, if only half of a file is extracted when the process is interrupted, and you choose to skip extracting it again, it will still be half-sized.

Another feature I've added is being able to cancel an extraction. If you choose to do this, it will ask if you want to complete extracting the current file before stopping.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! It's inspired me improve dealing with things like half-extracted files!

Posted on 06-18-15 12:38 PM Link | #61133
no problem mate :)
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