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10-31-20 09:21 PM

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Posted on 09-30-14 05:23 PM Link | #48847

(no windows 9, because they feel this version is much more to be labelled as Windowws 9...)

Seems like a mix between WIndows 7 and 8, but with more 7.

Looks fine. Will be switching to it. (unlike windows 8, which is derp)

[image] [image]

Posted on 09-30-14 05:43 PM Link | #48848
Doesn't look too bad. If it gets rid of that Metro crap, I'll be fine with it. Seriously, Metro feels like they tried to mix Windows and Android (and failed).

Unrelatedly, what happened to original version names/numbers? Everyone is jumping on the 'forever incrementing version number' bandwagon. See you in 2050 with Windows 27, Firefox 328, and so on...

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Posted on 09-30-14 06:24 PM Link | #48849
Welp, nice. Let's see if devs add support to games quickly and this comes out of beta, hopefully the OS will be released in 2015.

Posted on 09-30-14 08:19 PM Link | #48852
And then it costs money, but lolpiracy occurs all over the place.


Posted on 09-30-14 08:59 PM Link | #48854
Looks nice, I think they did a good job. I like the "multitasking" and multiple desktop stuff.

Posted on 10-12-14 01:50 PM Link | #49576
It's kind of funny that Windows NT has always had underlying support for multiple desktops, but it was never made available until now.

Posted on 10-12-14 04:05 PM Link | #49585
I heard about that. It exist a "Technical Preview" of Windows 10.

Posted on 10-12-14 04:20 PM Link | #49589
It honestly looks like it'd be enough content for Windows 8.2. I hope there's an option to have the metro start screen if you're on a tablet. When on a tablet, it works fine. I also like the multiple desktop thing, kinda like Mac but completely different.

Will probably be getting.


Posted on 10-14-14 09:15 AM Link | #49638
Posted by Luigi
And then it costs money, but lolpiracy occurs all over the place.

If you're a student you can get the OSs for free ^^ At least my dad is able to do that.

Posted by Mario64
Looks nice, I think they did a good job. I like the "multitasking" and multiple desktop stuff.

It's pretty much right outta OS X, except not quite as good

Posted on 10-14-14 01:51 PM Link | #49646
Way better than Windows 8
Windows 8 Start menu was crap!

Anyways, I hope they improve the performance in this version of Windows :P

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Posted on 10-14-14 06:27 PM Link | #49671
In fact, this is enough for Windows


Posted on 10-19-14 11:41 AM Link | #49870
well, they should improve MS paint in this update

Psycho Python Ω
Posted on 10-19-14 12:57 PM Link | #49878
Hahaha, no. No one cares about MS Paint, they should remove it IMO.
But this new Windows looks a lot better than Winderp 8, because that was just utter shit. Like StapleButter said, it
looks like they mixed Windows and Android. Winderp 8 might work for tablets, but not for laptops and desktop PCs. What
were thy thinking? Good to see, that the good old desktop with the good old start menu is back. I also really like the
multiple desktop thingy. I easily work on 100 different things at the same time and that brings extra tidyness into my
work. Organizing NSMBW related stuff on one desktop, Danmakufu and Sublime Text on the other one and everything else on
a third...or maybe something different, IDK.
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Posted on 10-22-14 06:15 PM Link | #50026
actually spriters and normal people who want to resize a image still use MS paint. its a standart program which can do simple things.

Main - Computers and technology - Windows 10 New reply

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