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01-17-19 09:52 AM

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Posted on 08-12-17 04:10 PM Link | #86096
Your font is a bit hard to read. It almost looks like yOu'Re TyPiNg LiKe ThIs at first. I think it's the fact that the letters aren't vertically aligned.

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Posted on 08-12-17 04:20 PM Link | #86098
Mine is only a minor text colour change, but is it readable with bright themes?


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Posted on 08-12-17 04:25 PM Link | #86100
I've decided to just do a regular normal font.
I need to change this, but what to?

Posted on 08-12-17 04:42 PM Link | #86106
Mine is a simple one, my logo colors were originally black/white but then I changed to a space theme.

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Posted on 08-14-17 06:13 AM Link | #86294
Here's my layout:

Posted by quote
this is a quote

this is a spoiler
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"this is a code by " + usernameLol
This is a code by Samplasion

Posted by Samplasion
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Posted by someone
It doesn't matter the length of the post, as the background's fixed

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Posted on 08-20-17 01:39 AM Link | #86761
Does it really need a fixed background?

Super Hackio
Posted on 08-20-17 11:52 AM Link | #86791

I like the fixed background. When scrolling through several of samplasion posts, it looks like Mario is jumping through posts!

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Posted on 08-20-17 12:20 PM Link | #86795
I like it too, although you should probably set a minimum background height so it will always fill the post box.

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Posted on 09-02-17 04:17 PM Link | #87706
IMO fixed scroll is distracting especially if you're trying to scan through pages.

Posted on 09-03-17 08:29 PM Link | #87763
I made this layout, who knows how long ago.

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Posted on 09-03-17 08:42 PM Link | #87764
I went through a LOT of hard work to get my post layout to work,
but I pulled through.

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Posted on 09-20-17 09:52 PM Link | #89350
I just changed the background so my favorite Squid. How does it look?
I need to change this, but what to?

Posted on 09-21-17 04:59 AM Link | #89362
Mine is inspired by the galaxy theme (or a complete ripoff of it).

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Posted on 09-21-17 08:12 AM Link | #89364
Innovative layout.

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Posted on 09-21-17 10:57 PM Link | #89394

You can tell my layout had a LOT of effort put into it.

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Posted on 09-23-17 06:15 AM Link | #89448
Isaac: I think your layout looks good, but I personally feel like there's a lot of unnecessary empty space to the right of the side image.

nekholm: Nice simple layout!

iyenal: Although the gradient is a nice subtle touch, I'm not sure it classifies as innovative. It's certainly metro-styled, but it's also just a simple "black text on white background" layout.

I'm sad by the low amount of customization done to the quote/code boxes in all these layouts, but I guess it isn't really all that important.


Is my layout too eye-searing? I've had it for a while now, and while it looks good by itself, I'm starting to think it doesn't contrast with the forum's background very well.
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Posted on 09-26-17 02:52 AM (rev. 2 of 09-26-17 02:53 AM) Link | #89531
I wanted to keep my layout simple for readability, but also look to the font I used.
And the gradient is very complex.

"I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft." -Bill Gates

Posted on 09-26-17 08:28 AM Link | #89532
What gradient? All I see is solid white.

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Posted on 09-26-17 09:48 AM Link | #89533
Posted by poudink
What gradient? All I see is solid white.

No, I see it. I sorta had to lean backwards, but I eventually saw the gradient :P

when you die you go to canada

Posted on 09-26-17 04:27 PM Link | #89550
There is a faint blue-gray gradient on the bottom of the post layout.

I also say if you want to emphasize readability, you should use a darker layout for less sharp contrast.
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