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09-22-20 12:59 PM

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Posted on 08-26-14 10:56 AM Link | #47237
Soo Nintendo revealed that they're working with the developers of Tekken to create a Pokemon-based version called "Pokken Tournament". It looks like it's based off Tekken gameplay, but with Pokemon characters and environments.

Currently it's Japan-Only and only at Arcades, but since Nintendo bothered to make a English trailer and reveal the news worldwide, it's safe to say that it will be released outside of Japan at one point in time. Also I wouldn't be surprised at all if they make it a Wii U game too (kind of weird that they're not immediately announcing it for Wii U though).

Here's the short gameplay footage showing Lucario vs. Machamp:


Personally, I think it looks cool. I like how they're really into crossovers lately (Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, this...) with other franchises. Hopefully this game will have some unique aspects and not just normal Tekken with Pokemon slapped on it :3

Also, #MegaMachampConfirmed

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Posted on 08-26-14 06:41 PM Link | #47288
I am hoping that it comes to Wii U because I never get to play any of Nintendo's arcade titles. :(

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Main - Gaming - Pokken Tournament [(PokemonXTekken] New reply

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