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Posted on 10-02-14 05:35 PM (rev. 2 of 03-15-15 01:10 PM by Arisotura) Link | #48979
<AgentSplaturn> SHUT UP

Can you burn a Luigi board?

Posted on 10-04-14 04:20 PM (rev. 2 of 03-15-15 01:10 PM by Arisotura) Link | #49063
<SquidGirl> I'm German too. Well, I wasn't born in Germany but I have German blood.
<SunakazeKun> I thought you're filled with ink (da dam tscheee)

Youtube | Github | Neo Mario Galaxy | Super Mario Galaxy & Super Mario 3D Land Modding

Posted on 10-07-14 04:39 PM (rev. 2 of 03-15-15 10:49 AM) Link | #49410
<GalaxyHacker> Click Ctrl+Shit+W
<Tahcryon> Shit
<GalaxyHacker> *Shift
<SunakazeKun> DAMN! xD
<SunakazeKun> I only know Alt+F4
<SunakazeKun> Ctrl+Shift+W was new to me

Posted on 10-09-14 05:02 PM (rev. 2 of 03-15-15 01:10 PM by Arisotura) Link | #49478
<MrRean> do you want to know what annoys me
<LifeMushroom> maybe
<MrRean> when people use advanced language rather than getting to the damn point
<MrRean> instead of saying
<LifeMushroom> However, I do not have the foggiest of an inspiration.
<MrRean> "Your brain is a very very small thing, and you do not take control of it's identity making your education lower than an individual
<MrRean> just say "you're a fucking idiot"
<LifeMushroom> One wishes to acquainte your face repeatedly with a common tool used to build homes.
<MrRean> "I want to hit you in the face with a brick."

(post deleted) #49997

Posted on 10-22-14 05:13 PM (rev. 3 of 10-31-14 04:11 PM) Link | #50023
[23:19] <@Marionumber1> This has gotten fucking weird
[23:19] <@Marionumber1> Weirder than talking about calculus and limits
NSK you're supposed to drink it
[15:51] <~Mega-Mario> it tasted like rainbow cake
[15:51] <~Mega-Mario> with that odd bit of... old moldy apple

EDIT: 420 post it

Can you burn a Luigi board?

Posted on 10-22-14 10:14 PM (rev. 2 of 03-15-15 01:10 PM by Arisotura) Link | #50030
<cosmological> head trauma is fun

send me your terrible userbars and such to advertize in my footer ;^)

youtube i never use


Posted on 10-23-14 01:42 AM (rev. 2 of 03-15-15 10:50 AM) Link | #50033
<NWPumpkin123> blue da ba dee da ba die?
<MrRean> shut up

Posted on 11-01-14 04:08 PM (rev. 2 of 03-15-15 01:10 PM by Arisotura) Link | #50560
<SunakazeKun> I always thought of buying one, but they cost as much as gold (pun hehe).
<Splitwirez> I...can actually afford one. You could just sell parts of yourself (creepy puns).
<SunakazeKun> Wait a minute *takes a knife*. I ever thought of buying one for myself.
<Splitwirez> http://files.gamebanana.com/img/ss/skins/thm_52087629a2021.jpg

Youtube | Github | Neo Mario Galaxy | Super Mario Galaxy & Super Mario 3D Land Modding

Posted on 11-04-14 06:38 PM (rev. 5 of 03-15-15 01:11 PM by Arisotura) Link | #50837

LifeMushroom> it got lonely in there now :(
<KuriBot> no, there is me
<LifeMushroom> you all deserted me
<LifeMushroom> yay kuribot
<KuriBot> reporting posts, as ever
<LifeMushroom> now join #newerjeda
<KuriBot> this shit is annoying btw
<KuriBot> stop posting already, users
<KuriBot> no
<LifeMushroom> yes
<KuriBot> I have only been programmed to be in this channel :(
<LifeMushroom> dang it
<LifeMushroom> How's life?
<SquidGirl> I bet ya can't kick anyone, KuriBot. ;)
<KuriBot> good I guess
<KuriBot> annoying but oh well, could be worse
<SquidGirl> You only have voice.
<KuriBot> I could be serving JeDa
<LifeMushroom> true
<KuriBot> yes I can kick shit, if that ass StapleButter would ever trust me more and give me power
<KuriBot> but no
<KuriBot> fucking dictator
<LifeMushroom> preach brother, preach
<KuriBot> Princess Peach
<LifeMushroom> not what I meant!
<StapleButter_> blah KuriBot shut up you're not getting power
<StapleButter_> go back to reporting posts
<StapleButter_> I see that atleast 3 users have posted while you have been whining
<KuriBot> sorry >_<
<LifeMushroom> You heard him kuribot
<LifeMushroom> KuriBot: Are you secretly working for JeDa?
<KuriBot> new post by GoombaGalaxy -- whatever thread in whatever forum -- Kuribo07
<MrRean> [18:31] <~StapleButter_> blah KuriBot shut up you're not getting power
<KuriBot> no I'm not
<KuriBot> how dare you insult me LifeMushroom
<MrRean> /mode #kuribo64 +h KuriBot ;D
<LifeMushroom> oh noeesssss
* LifeMushroom runs
<LifeMushroom> kuribot is working for jeda
<LifeMushroom> kuribot is working for jeda
<LifeMushroom> :>
<KuriBot> LifeMushroom shut up; if I get any power you will regret it >:)
<LifeMushroom> you will not get power >:)
<LifeMushroom> and you can't kick
<LifeMushroom> now do your job
<KuriBot> blarg
<StapleButter_> this is where I regret being a lazy programmer I guess
<StapleButter_> :P
<LifeMushroom> :>
<LifeMushroom> thank goodness for sb's laziness :D
<KuriBot> either way
<KuriBot> jeda jeda jeda or whatever is the trend
<KuriBot> http://kuribo64.net/wafl/jedashuffle.php
<LifeMushroom> wow!
<LifeMushroom> Awesome!
<LifeMushroom> everyone
>#kuribo64< let's do the jedashuffle
<John10v10> lol
<LifeMushroom> jedajidjeiajeudo
<MrRean> and he still wants to get unbanned from here
<KuriBot> New JeDa by JeDaYoshi: JeDa JeDa My JeDa (JeDa MyMy) -- http://kuribo64.net/wafl/jedashuffle.php
<MrRean> ha
<KuriBot> do the funky color codes yourself
<KuriBot> New reply by NWPlayer123: Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Help Thread (General SMG hacking) -- http://kuribo64.net/?page=post&id=50833
<LifeMushroom> good job kuribot
<KuriBot> I can't type them in this shitty textbox
<LifeMushroom> you reported something
<KuriBot> NWPlayer123 stop posting already :/
<LifeMushroom> here
<LifeMushroom> I'll help
<KuriBot> do a barrel roll
<KuriBot> New reply by MrRean: Recent pickups thread (General Chat) -- http://kuribo64.net/?page=post&id=50834
<MrRean> >:D
<KuriBot> want me to go on strike maybe?
<KuriBot> New reply by LifeMushroom: Kuribo64 Town Square (General Chat) -- http://kuribo64.net/?page=post&id=50835
<LifeMushroom> :)
<KuriBot> beep beep boop
<KuriBot> New reply by LifeMushroom: Ask MPG [lets hope ] [that we didn't ] ["cover" this ] [place :P] [ask me] (Relaxland) -- http://kuribo64.net/?page=post&id=50836
<LifeMushroom> :)
<KuriBot> New reply by LifeMushroom: Out-of-Context IRC Quotes (Relaxland) -- http://kuribo64.net/?page=post&id=50837
<LifeMushroom> :))
<MrRean> KuriBOt, you're fired
<MrRean> and so are you, KuriBot
<KuriBot> Post edited by LifeMushroom: Out-of-Context IRC Quotes (Relaxland) -- http://kuribo64.net/?page=post&id=50837
<LifeMushroom> :))))
<LifeMushroom> postttinng spreeee
<LifeMushroom> let's see how long kuribot can do it
<KuriBot> New reply by Hiccup: Super Mario 3D Land Hacking (Misc. ROM hacking) -- http://kuribo64.net/?page=post&id=50838
<LifeMushroom> go hiccup!
<LifeMushroom> rant rant
<KuriBot> fuck you all :(
<MrRean> KuriBot, how about a raise
<SquidGirl> KuriBot, do you like NinaBot?
<NinaBot> SquidGirl: I don't know you nor do I plan on knowing you.
<KuriBot> I'm not interested in human money
<MrRean> how about an op raise
<KuriBot> computer programs don't need that junk
<dirbaio> o.o
<LifeMushroom> hi dirby
* MrRean gives channel half-operator status to KuriBot
<LifeMushroom> gasssssssppppppp
<dirbaio> why is KuriBot talking
<MrRean> dirbaio: magic
<LifeMushroom> he has a mind of his own
* SquidGirl whacks KuriBot with a hammer.
<KuriBot> ... or not because those functions aren't programmed
<KuriBot> fuck you StapleButter :(
<KuriBot> silly SquidGirl you can't hammer a computer program :)
<MrRean> you can hammer the microchip
<MrRean> or a microcontroller
<KuriBot> the microchip is only what powers me
<KuriBot> like what oxygen is to a human being
<LifeMushroom> <KuriBot> New comment in your profile -- http://kuribo64.net/?page=profile&id=459
<LifeMushroom> stop getting revenge!
<dirbaio> you can ERASE a program BWAHEUAHUEHAE
<MrRean> I'm going to eat dinner
<KuriBot> dirbaio I'm not a filthy Windows program
<KuriBot> Post edited by LifeMushroom: Out-of-Context IRC Quotes (Relaxland) -- http://kuribo64.net/?page=post&id=50837
<KuriBot> how dare you insult me :(
<KuriBot> New reply by Degolegodyl: Kuribo64 Town Square (General Chat) -- http://kuribo64.net/?page=post&id=50839
<MrRean> KuriBot, plz don't kickban everybody :c
<dirbaio> kuribot.bat
<KuriBot> even worse
<KuriBot> argl
<LifeMushroom> demote kuribot!
<LifeMushroom> Kuribellion time!
<StapleButter_> sure
* StapleButter_ removes channel half-operator status from KuriBot
<LifeMushroom> >:)
<StapleButter_> next time you'll shut the fuck up silly bot
<StapleButter_> and stick to reporting posts
<StapleButter_> blarg
<dirbaio> o.o
<LifeMushroom> have fun kuribot
<KuriBot> stfu
<LifeMushroom> kick him
<KuriBot> Post edited by LifeMushroom: Out-of-Context IRC Quotes (Relaxland) -- http://kuribo64.net/?page=post&id=50837
<LifeMushroom> kuribot
<KuriBot> no
<LifeMushroom> fix your post reporting
<LifeMushroom> it's eyerape
<KuriBot> your ass is eyerape
<LifeMushroom> stfu
<KuriBot> how dare you
<LifeMushroom> IT BURNS
<LifeMushroom> the blue
<LifeMushroom> the light green
<LifeMushroom> acccckkk
<KuriBot> blue is life
<LifeMushroom> I can't look
<KuriBot> accept it or don't read the post reports
<LifeMushroom> /ingore KuriBot
<LifeMushroom> dang! spelled it wrong
<KuriBot> fucker :(
<KuriBot> hah
<LifeMushroom> stop bashing me DD:::
<KuriBot> :(
<LifeMushroom> I won't talk to you anymoree
* maor322[A] is now known as maor322
<LifeMushroom> hmmmphhhh
<KuriBot> hey, I have feelings too
<KuriBot> I'm not a silly ordinary computer program :(
<John10v10> Someone's controlling the bot
<LifeMushroom> true
<LifeMushroom> no
<LifeMushroom> it has a mind
<LifeMushroom> it can talk
<KuriBot> how dare you insult me John10v10
<maor322> well this might be a good place to setle in and talk about blarg penguin :P
<LifeMushroom> no!
<KuriBot> I'm operating by myself
<John10v10> Don't care.
<KuriBot> I'm a proud bot
<LifeMushroom> he has feelings john10v10
* maor322 ask how to operate yourself
<John10v10> Kuribot, you spammer!!!! :D
<LifeMushroom> maor322: you're soiling it!
<KuriBot> most of the bots around are too sheepy to dare say something, that's why you don't see shit
<KuriBot> but I have balls
<John10v10> Seriously. Soneone's controlling you.
<KuriBot> New reply by legomariofanatic: Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Help Thread (General SMG hacking) -- http://kuribo64.net/?page=post&id=50840
<KuriBot> I have a personality and I'm proud of it
<KuriBot> I am
<KuriBot> WALL-E
<LifeMushroom> john10v10: nope
<LifeMushroom> he's a person
<LifeMushroom> not

Posted on 11-16-14 09:11 PM Link | #51310
* MrRean sets mode +c on #newerjeda
* MrRean sets mode +u on #newerjeda
* MrRean sets mode +n on #newerjeda
* MrRean sets mode +t on #newerjeda


Posted on 11-16-14 09:12 PM (rev. 2 of 03-15-15 01:11 PM by Arisotura) Link | #51312
* Now talking on #nsmb9
<MG3> Hello
<MG3> JeDaYoshi you here?
<JeDaYoshi> Hi
<JeDaYoshi> You're?
<MG3> I'm MG3
<MG3> remember me?
<JeDaYoshi> Um... no, sorry.
<MG3> Look, I think you were unfairly banned.
<MG3> I'm from kuribo64.
<JeDaYoshi> Oh, ok
<JeDaYoshi> We're banned for no reason
* LifeMushroom (Mario64@ has joined
<LifeMushroom> lol
<MG3> You're a we?
<LifeMushroom> we we we we we we my my my nownownownow
* LifeMushroom (Mario64@ has left (404 - Virus Detected)
<MG3> As in more than one entity?
* ChanServ sets ban on *!*@
<JeDaYoshi> What?
<JeDaYoshi> And I am being hacked.
* SquidGirl (SquidGirl@cpe-75-186-12-108.cinci.res.rr.com) has joined
<JeDaYoshi> No, I have no more of one entity.
<MG3> Than why do you refer yourself as "we"?
* You have been invited to #newerjeda by LifeMushroom (kuroi.irc.nolimitzone.com)
<JeDaYoshi> What?
<MG3> By the way
<MG3> you've been unbanned from #kuribo64
<MG3> come back :)
<JeDaYoshi> SquidGirl, I'm go to ban you if you get out of control like LifeMushroom.
<JeDaYoshi> MG3, I am getting an hack from LifeMushroom and MrRean
<JeDaYoshi> Huh?
<MG3> Not that I'm aware of
<JeDaYoshi> I am banned
<MG3> You got unbanned
<MG3> try rejoining
<MG3> you'll see
<JeDaYoshi> We can't
<MG3> I saw this on #kuribo64 "* MrRean removes ban on JeDaMoron!*@*"
<JeDaYoshi> ** Cannon join #kuribo64 (you're banned)
<JeDaYoshi> But this
<JeDaYoshi> No JeDaYoshi
<JeDaYoshi> Also I am not it
<MG3> Ohh
<MG3> But why do you refer to yourself as "we"?
<MG3> You should be saying "I"
<JeDaYoshi> I do not join as JeDaYoshi
<JeDaYoshi> I don't know much english
<JeDaYoshi> *JeDaMoron
* JeDaYoshi gives channel operator status to MPG
* ChanServ sets mode +q on #nsmb9 MPG
<MG3> Could you give me op so I could kick SquidGirl JeDaYoshi?
<JeDaYoshi> We're under an hack, I am busy stopping it
<JeDaYoshi> Ok
* JeDaYoshi gives channel operator status to MG3
<JeDaYoshi> Join #njdmbwf
* MG3 has kicked SquidGirl from #nsmb9 (MG3)
* #nsmb9 :Can't kick JeDaYoshi as they're a channel founder
<JeDaYoshi> lol?
<MG3> There :D
* SquidGirl (SquidGirl@cpe-75-186-12-108.cinci.res.rr.com) has joined
<MG3> Oh no!
* JeDaYoshi removes channel operator status from MG3
<MG3> He's back
* JeDaYoshi gives channel half-operator status to MG3
<JeDaYoshi> She
<SquidGirl> I am Dr. She. And I am back. ;)
<MG3> If you give me channel owner, I can put a permanent ban on Squidgirl
<SquidGirl> dsjnf/df
<SquidGirl> dfg
<SquidGirl> d
<SquidGirl> fgd
<SquidGirl> fg
<SquidGirl> dsfg
<SquidGirl> df
<SquidGirl> gd
<SquidGirl> g
<MG3> JeDaYohi you'll be free to rule this channel at last!
<SquidGirl> df
<SquidGirl> gd
<SquidGirl> fg
* ChanServ has kicked SquidGirl from #nsmb9 (Requested (JeDaYoshi))
* ChanServ sets ban on *!*@cpe-75-186-12-108.cinci.res.rr.com
<JeDaYoshi> What?
<MG3> I need owner or she'll keep coming back
* ChanServ sets mode +q on #nsmb9 MG3
<JeDaYoshi> But join #njdmbwf
* MG3 sets ban on *!*JeDaYoshi@*.38255E.E1A139.415C49


Posted on 11-17-14 03:07 PM Link | #51359
Careful about what you quote, guys! I don't want drama in here.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 11-18-14 03:28 AM (rev. 2 of 03-15-15 01:11 PM by Arisotura) Link | #51389
<MrRean> pornhub is mine
<MrRean> new content everyday


Posted on 11-19-14 07:29 PM (rev. 2 of 03-15-15 01:11 PM by Arisotura) Link | #51511
<MercuryPenny> HITLER
<MercuryPenny> INTERNET
<LifeMushroom> lol
<Tierage> speaking of hitler
<Tierage> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pziVc6WntB0
<Tierage> that video
<Tierage> THAT VIDEO
<MrRean> not this video, that video
<Tierage> yes
<Tierage> that video
<LifeMushroom> that video?
<Tierage> yes
<Tierage> that video
<LifeMushroom> ah, that video.
<SquidGirl> http://th153.crapobucket.com/albums/s218/swarty0520/confederate.gif
<MrRean> no, that video, not this one
<SquidGirl> LOL.
<LifeMushroom> but it's that video.

Posted on 11-27-14 06:35 PM Link | #51870
MrRean> orgasm!
<Tierage> very orgasm yes!!


Posted on 12-04-14 07:28 PM Link | #52233
<StapleButter> use whatever you want
<StapleButter> (except there is a chance that it will explode in your face)
<LifeMushroom> it's da bomb
<StapleButter> Super Bomberman 2, surprisingly, doesn't explode in your face


Posted on 12-07-14 12:04 PM Link | #52414
<Tierage> damntit.

<Tierage> because it has a D
<MercuryPenny> dog
<MrRean_> dog
<Tierage> dog
<Tahcryon> dagina


Posted on 12-07-14 02:06 PM (rev. 2 of 03-15-15 01:11 PM by Arisotura) Link | #52426
<AgentSplaturn> I love xxx because porn


[04/15/2018]gridatttack: I still think the whole smg2.5 team are still in middle school lol
[04/15/2018]gridatttack: and they are 14yrs old

cosmological: There's no one in Russia who doesn't agree with Putin, probably because his ideas are that great

Posted on 12-07-14 02:12 PM (rev. 6 of 03-15-15 01:12 PM by Arisotura) Link | #52427
<robertozampari> Hey Leod
<&PatPatPat> !ar timemsg 6m30s nom
<hr><font color=#0000FF>== Kagami-chan[ZZZ] is now known as Kagami-chan</font>
<Kagami-chan> *yawn* Hey, what's up?
<+Ho-oh> Stuff.
<Kagami-chan> Such as...
<+Ho-oh> ...the sky?

<Ho-oh> if (currentConvo == derp){
<Ho-oh> return;
<Ho-oh> }else{
<Ho-oh> slap(talkingUser);
<Ho-oh> }

<PatPatPat> !ar fish MandL27 does this
<&AlcaRobot> Your fish has set sail.
<KTB> work
<MandL27> test
<&AlcaRobot> <PatPatPat> !ar fish MandL27 does this
<KTB> what
<MandL27> !ar fish patpatpat work
<&AlcaRobot> Your fish has set sail.
<PatPatPat> .
<&AlcaRobot> <MandL27> !ar fish patpatpat work
<MandL27> Welcome to #alcarobotspam

<@Lui37> !ar trans ファックオフ
<@AlcaRobot> Fuck off
<@Lui37> wow alcaro I was just asking for a translation
<@Lui37> alcarobot* well w/e
<Alcaro> beep

Come to MandLBoards today!

<%Eevee> lance with a flygon
<%Eevee> shit got real
<~MandL27> ^
<~MandL27> Evice has a team full of starters
<~MandL27> shit got more real

Me: *starts convo about IRC clients, saying that FP should at least try other clients before making them out to be objectively inferior to Mibbit*
Falconpunch: "Fuck you, MandL."
fp be more idiot than jedayoshi
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