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07-20-19 11:08 AM

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Posted on 05-23-14 03:12 PM (rev. 2 of 05-23-14 03:12 PM) Link | #41710
Marionumber1 made the Red Star and Ice Flower possible to use in SMG2. So does it work with a Rock and Cloud Mario in SMG1? It would be very nice. Is it possible?

Posted on 05-23-14 03:14 PM Link | #41711
There's a really high chance of me being wrong, considering I never really asked about these things, but I'd assume that this would take way too much work. If I remember correctly, the Red Star and Ice Flower already existed in SMG2?


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Posted on 05-23-14 03:22 PM Link | #41712
No, the Ice Flower and the Red Star wasn't in SMG2. Marionumber1 did it possible.

Posted on 05-23-14 03:24 PM Link | #41713
I don't think you fully understand.
The files were left in the game but they weren't accesible. MN1 made them usable.


Posted on 05-23-14 03:34 PM Link | #41714
Yeah, I believe they were missing the Mushroom models, but other than that, all the code was functional and in place.

Posted on 05-23-14 03:50 PM Link | #41715
Im pretty sure you'd have to know how to create the code for use of the cloud flower and rock mushroom, to put them in SMG1 considering the code was already in SMG2 for the red star and the ice flower. MN1 made the code usable and he had patched the models that each power-up uses, back into the game. MN1 would this time, have to create the code, and put the sound effects in too.

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Main - Archived forums - General SMG hacking - Rock and Cloud Mario in SMG1? New reply

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