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11-26-20 06:40 PM

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What theme should my level be?
0.0% (0)
18.8% (3)
18.8% (3)
18.8% (3)
6.2% (1)
Other (Comment Below.)
37.5% (6)
Multiple voting is not allowed. Changing your vote is allowed. 16 users have voted so far.

Posted on 01-30-14 05:20 PM Link | #38148
You can make the models, agent if you so wish to. :P


Posted on 01-30-14 07:44 PM (rev. 3 of 01-30-14 07:45 PM) Link | #38149
Suggestion: I'm terrible at making designs, but maybe you should ask someone who is. (I'm sorry for putting something out there that may make people have to volunteer).

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Posted on 01-31-14 12:13 PM Link | #38163
who voted challenge?
Anyway, I vote beach or mechanical

Guess who's back


Pixel Fire
Posted on 01-31-14 02:49 PM Link | #38173
I vote a combo of haunted and lava.

Posted on 01-31-14 02:52 PM Link | #38174
Actually, a combo of haunted and lava would be pretty interesting as well. A lava level with fog and boos and such would be really interesting and fun to play.


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Posted on 01-31-14 04:16 PM Link | #38177
Btw guys rean said he's making that Gateway Crisis level. Which is disappointing but maybe he'll use a better idea coughSNOWMECH on another level.

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Main - Archived forums - Custom SMG levels - Making a custom level, and need theme suggestions New reply

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