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09-26-20 08:29 PM

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Posted on 08-03-17 08:02 PM Link | #85662
I second that, I'd like to be able to mute specific forums.

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Posted on 08-03-17 08:39 PM (rev. 2 of 08-03-17 08:39 PM) Link | #85664

Another few suggestions:

-Replace thread page links with direct post links for IRC reporting. Having to scroll down sucks.
-Same goes for the last posts page. Add a link somewhere in the rows that directly link the posts. Allways having to click on the last page in the thread and then also having to scroll down is slow and annoying.

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Posted on 08-03-17 09:23 PM Link | #85665
You can just click the arrow next to the "last post by X"

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Posted on 08-03-17 09:37 PM Link | #85667

Indeed. Tho considering how small that arrow is, it's not really intuitive to use.

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Posted on 08-04-17 01:06 AM Link | #85679
Posted by RicBent
Add an option to ignore fora.

As someone that doesn't really care for the serious subforum, I second this.

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Posted on 08-07-17 09:30 PM Link | #85869
Maybe Kuribo could have like a drop down bar to change between different post layouts, like I could have one about squids and change to a kids version without having to edit my profile and change the code.

Posted on 08-08-17 03:15 PM Link | #85876
it's an interesting idea, but an issue with that is: what should be done if you later change your layout?

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Super Hackio
Posted on 08-08-17 03:16 PM Link | #85877

Layout Presets?

These could maybe load in the place where you would normally type your layout code. Similar to the mood avatars, but with text.

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Posted on 08-08-17 03:18 PM Link | #85878

Could maybe be implemented like mood avatars?

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Posted on 08-08-17 06:10 PM Link | #85897
Can I has more mood avatars bytw

Posted on 08-09-17 07:22 PM Link | #85938
storing multiple layouts? dunno. feels... more complex than it needs to be. dunno. we need to think about it.

as for mood avatars... what's the limit again? if there's even a limit. I don't remember

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(post deleted) #87809

Posted on 09-30-17 01:54 PM Link | #89718
Closing our own threads. Maybe it's just me being an idiot, but I can't find a way to close my own thread. Adding this addition would be nice.

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Posted on 09-30-17 02:06 PM Link | #89723
view your own deleted posts, i would love to see my own cringey posts

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Posted on 11-24-17 12:47 AM Link | #91386
is it possible for in Relaxland for the "taking it easy" in threads fixed to the thread you're reading?

the functionality is the same but it's be nice to have

Posted on 11-28-17 09:22 PM Link | #91499
I think it would be a nice feature to able to retrieve the source of images in posts of closed threads without having to use Inspect Element. I can see why adding a Wiki-esque feature to view the source of posts in closed threads would be a bad idea (there's a reason the threads are closed in the first place) but some closed threads, particularly in the archived forums, have images that one may want to retrieve the url of.

Posted on 11-28-17 09:23 PM Link | #91500
right click -> copy image URL

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Posted on 11-28-17 09:44 PM Link | #91501
Wow I am either an idiot or plain blind when it comes to computers. Thanks. :P

Regarding multiple layouts, they could work if like it's stored the current way but one adds keywords like !beginheader2/!endheader2 to the beginning and end of what they want to be parsed as their second header layout. Or would that be open to abuse and maybe even use up too much data?

Posted on 11-28-17 09:58 PM Link | #91503
Make it show who deleted which posts and why?

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Posted on 12-02-17 02:39 AM Link | #91591
Posted by Swingball
Make it show who deleted which posts and why?

Would probably break older posts. Besides, be grateful that we can see posts are soft-deleted, because most board software only allows you to soft delete without showing there has been a deleted post (MyBB), or only allows you to fully delete the post (phpBB, XMB).
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