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A little update...
Posted on 08/10/2011 01:04:28 by Mega-Mario
Chances are high that SM64DSe's next release will be v2.0 final. I can't be releasing countless betas indefinitely. It will feature what I wanted in 2.0 but didn't add before the beta releases due to lack of time or not knowing how to do it. And I'll try to improve that model importer again.

As for lolSnes, well... I don't know if that thing is going to go far at all. Implementing the line renderer I thought of, would take almost all of the ARM9's power, leaving few for the CPU emulation itself. I may instead go with faster rendering methods that wouldn't support stuff like screen transitions.
Blah. The DS is really underpowered nowadays. Can't wait for 3DS homebrew-- coding for the 3DS must be awesome. That console has a nice emulation potential (and a screen that is finally large enough to fit a SNES's video output). Perhaps it could emulate a N64 or a PS1, with a well-optimized emulator... we'll see what time reserves :)
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uTopiaProductions96 says:
Posted on 08/12/2011 18:53:56
Great to hear about the v2.0 final, I always thought that there only should be one beta =/

as for the lolSnes (again, u could change the name -_-)..... Well, it's too bad, that's all I can say =/
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