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Posted on 01-02-12, 01:46 pm

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And Merry Christmas, albeit late. Sorry for being that late...

Anyway, I hope that you guys enjoyed your Christmas. And may 2012 be full of success for all of you, as well.

I'm sorry that I have no Christmas/New Year release of SM64DSe... the blog says more about all that.

Oh right, another NY resolution to add there would be linking blog accounts to board accounts... may be tricky though because both use different and incompatible methods of storing passwords. Or I could just scrap that shit and integrate Kuriblog into the board, like Dirbaio did for NSMBHD. What do you guys think?

Anyway, let's put technical crap aside for now, what are your resolutions for New Year?
Posted on 01-03-12, 09:04 am
Goomba Goomba

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Also a Happy New Year to you!
Posted on 01-03-12, 07:43 pm (revision 1)
Micro-Goomba Micro-Goomba

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Happy new year

My new year's resolution is to wrap up that SM64 hack I'm working on, I think progress on that has been slowing down since it's been so long since I've started it. I'm hoping to get my current levels done and released so I can start of fresh on a new hack.

While I'm at it, does anyone know if there is any good DS music hacking tutorials on the internet? I'd love to see if I can attempt a few MiDi imports for SM64DS.
Posted on 02-27-12, 03:27 am (revision 2)
Shyguy Shyguy

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Hey, long time no see. Umm, well I left because I have really straitned up.... if that's what you call it. I am mostly ONLY focusing on my school work. My dream is.... no; my REALITY is to become a game programmer. I've wanted to become one ever since... yeah, believe it or not. 4 years old! Why? That's gonna take time to explain, I played Age of Empires II and stuff....

Oh well, buttom line is, I wont stay. I do so much homework, and I'm not exactly the brainiack genius around, I'm a really slow learner. And when I look over my older posts, I can actually see how childish and eager I was. Yeah. Maybe you don't notice, but I certainly do.

I have to work hard to achieve little in life. That's me. And for the SM64GDS, if I were to complete it.... I never thought about recreating the WHOLE game. That would be absolutely saddam insane! Also, I probably shouldn't have called it for sm64g (DS), It is easier to start off with classic n64 to complete such projects.

Oh well, enough said. Buttom line is.... When I have freetime on my hands, I will rather use it to either play games such as (minecraft,league of legends,age of empires II (I'm stated a professional gamer =D... I was so exited =DDDDDD) SOME times warcraft III) and amongst others. or just sleep on it... which I do alot

Okay, enough said. Goodbye! Take care

EDIT: Sorry for the location of the post ... my fault
Posted on 02-27-12, 11:50 am

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Oy yeah, that brings back some memories. AOEII is still an awesome game as of today. I still play it occasionally as of today

And well, you don't need to work 24/7 to actually succeed. You can have some free time, and I suggest you take some. I don't know about you but I can't work 24/7 on complex crap that doesn't interest me, without getting mad at some point.

As for being a 'professional gamer'. I'm not sure how that business works exactly but I know a few things. For example, if you want to be a videogame tester, you aren't just going to play games all day. You may have to play the same level over and over again to find some well-hidden bug, and file long and detailed bug reports, etc... I'm not trying to disgust you away from the career you want, just telling you to not take certain things too seriously. I suggest you do some research about that career, so that you know how it is, and not just follow childhood beliefs.

Now, I'm sad that you take the decision to leave the board. This board is barely ever getting one post every month, it needs active users, be them childish or not. But I'm not going to hold you back. Do whatever you want. If you feel that this choice is better for your real life, go ahead. I hope to see you back someday
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