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An overview on our world domination plans
Posted on 07/22/2011 18:21:17 by Mega-Mario
An official release is planned for this very blog's software. It'd just need a proper plugin system (so that the Object Database part can be detached from it-- that part isn't intended to be released), a more dynamic feel (hi AJAX), letting guests post comments, among other things...

SM64DSe's next version may either be the 4th of an endless series of beta releases, or v2.0 final. That, depending on how far work on it goes, how many missing features are finally implemented, and all.

I also started working on a little side project, lolSnes. It is supposed to be a decent SNES emulator for the DS. We'll see how far that goes...

More to come, stay tuned :)
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SM64DSe: third beta released, already!
Posted on 07/02/2011 23:29:47 by Mega-Mario
Feel like I forgot to mention the second beta? It's nothing interesting, just fixes some bad bugs that were spotted in the first beta.

The third beta, however, should be more interesting. It will include mostly:
* a fix so that you owners of R4 or Acekard 2i flashcarts, will finally be able to enjoy SM64DS hacking as advertised (“take your hacks anywhere and impress your friends anytime„) ;)
* an improved model importer, with much better collision generation
* tweaks and fixes
* and more -- the rest is a surprise :)

This third beta should be out soon enough, so stay tuned! :)

Edit- it's out! Check it out on the forums.
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SM64DSe v2.0: first beta out!
Posted on 06/26/2011 19:27:30 by Mega-Mario
So there it is guys, the first beta of the brand new SM64DSe v2.0 is out! With the (experimental) model importer, object rendering and more fancy stuff!

Check it out on the board!
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SM64DSe v2.0 beta release planned for soon
Posted on 06/19/2011 01:47:51 by Mega-Mario
Features planned for this release:
- model importing (experimental and possibly buggy)
- model exporting, too
- improved level editing (editing of level objects, entrances, exits, views, doors, paths and all)
- no more standard/simple object differences
- adding/removing objects
- new object bank 7 (for level-specific objects)
- upgraded patching
- compatibility with EUR, USA v1/v2 and JAP ROMs
- addition of the Object Database, with update function

Features planned for v2.0 final:
- possibly text editing
- level hack/patch importing/exporting
- texture animation editing
- minimap editing
- more if suggested

Collision importing is a pain in the ass so it may take some time to get the beta releasable. Not to mention, real life is getting in the way more than ever with exams and shit.

Oh, by the way, I changed the Object Database to show the object IDs in decimal instead of hex. Feels more natural to me. Although IDs are also shown in hex in certain places. SM64DSe v2.0 will also be using decimal object IDs. Time to complain if you don't like this change! After the beta is out, it's too late!
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Kuriboard64 is officially open!
Posted on 05/08/2011 12:32:09 by Mega-Mario
There is now a messageboard for this site. Feel free to go there to discuss about SM64DS hacking and all. (additionally, I changed the Forums link to point to said board)

Also, you may already have noticed the RSS icon in the header-- there's now a RSS feed for this blog. Feel free to subscribe :)

Aside from that, there's nothing really new, I guess. SM64DSe is getting worked on, somewhat slowly due to laziness and real life interfering. But it is getting worked on!
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SM64DSe: Progress on level importing is going nicely
Posted on 04/11/2011 21:45:44 by Mega-Mario
So yeah. As you may already know, SM64DSe's next version will be equipped with a level importer.

Here are the results as of today:

(model importer - original model in SketchUp)

Textures are still missing, but I'm hoping to have them implemented soon enough. Then, you'd tell me, if the importer's preview can read the textures fine, why can't it import them? That's because they have to be converted to the best of the 6 texture formats the DS supports. And well, the DS's 3D hardware is quite limited- the maximum color depth supported is 15bit (aka 32768 colors), so there will be an obligatory quality loss during the converting process. The quality loss will be even worse when using textures with transparency, since using translucent textures with the DS implies using a smaller color palette.
(see gbatek for more info)

Unrelatedly, this site underwent some more changes, the most notable one being the addition of editprofile, so that you can finally change your password or your gender. There's also a Latest changes page for the OIDB, you already guessed its purpose :P
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Site's official URL changed
Posted on 03/20/2011 12:55:27 by Mega-Mario
This site should now be accessed from:

The old URL will still work, but it is recommended you use the new one.
I made this mainly so that if I have to go to another web hosting provider for whatever reason, the site's URL remains the same. Thus, SM64DSe's future object database download functionality should never break due to URL changes. And also, links to this site posted elsewhere don't break :)

Thank you for your understanding :)
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Various site improvements
Posted on 03/03/2011 00:00:07 by Mega-Mario
So yeah, the site is being worked on, and several improvements have been done, and more are planned.

As you already noticed, there is now a decent banner- I made one quickly under Paint.NET. Tell me if you like it :)

There is also a download section, which contains SM64DS Editor and nothing else for now. Reminds me of the 404-links: I made a decent 404 page, too...

I also made some changes to the site's underlying HTML and CSS. For once, I made it so the site is no longer fixed-width, it will scale down for users with low resolutions.
I also changed the links' colors, I think these new colors stand out better than the previous green. Tell me if you like them or not.
And I added a doctype and fixed misc stuff...

Oncoming changes will probably be changes to the Object Info Database, because I have to decide on the final object data format so that I can implement it into SM64DS Editor.
I may also make stuff to make maintaining the site easier.

Edit- more changes
* added an interface for posting/editing blog entries (finally!)
* added profile.php so that user links no longer lead to 404; it's still not worth seeing tho :P

As usual, comments are welcome. :)
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Welcome to Kuribo64!
Posted on 02/02/2011 18:26:16 by Mega-Mario
So yeah, welcome to my blog. I will mainly be talking about Super Mario 64 DS hacking.

I hope you like this site. Feel free to drop a comment.

Also, if you're interested into SM64DS hacking, you can contribute to the Object Info Database.
It has been redesigned recently, and the object editing interface has been fixed. Though, certain parameters can't be edited anymore- they have all been imported into the database and don't need to be touched again.

Of course, the site is still not finished, and there are still things lacking here and there. For example, I have to implement some parameter describing method into the Object Info Database. As well as blog moderation tools.

As for the rules. Use common sense, don't be a dick, etcetera. And of course, don't post ROM links.

Rules for contributing to the object info database:
* When writing an object's description, try to describe it the best you can.
* Watch your spelling and grammar.
* If you're going to describe paramenters, try to describe what they do the most clearly you can. (note, try to not care about the parameters until they're implemented into the editing interface)
* Don't vandalize the database. (you'd just be wasting your time. It is equipped with a Mediawiki-type revision tracking system that would let me fix your damage in one heartbeat)
(in case you didn't already guess it, the database will be converted to a .xml file to be used by the next version of SM64DS Editor. So I want it to be the cleanest possible.)
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